Tens AA: The Economy TENS Machine that will amaze you

tens aa digital

The TENS AA Digital Unit is a new, economic priced alternative for those who are interested in purchasing a TENS machine. It is pockets size, it has 5 treatment modes, a large LCD screen and it is unique as it uses AA batteries. It is lightweight and small, making it easy to take anywhere you might need it. The TENS AA Digital Unit also boast a very easy to operate display and, by far, a very economic affordable price. This device is among our top sellers, we have tested it to see if it holds a good reputation. Here’s what we found.

Among its features we can tell you that it has dual treatment channels, and it is capable of two selectable waveforms: symmetrical biphasic or monophasic. This TENS machine also contains five different treatment modes that can be adjusted: Burst I, Burst II, Constant, Modulated Width, Modulated Width and Rate. It comes with a clear and big LCD display that shows all parameters and, it also has parameter locking, so your settings will be constant. Also it comes with a very helpful treatment timer.

Although small and lightweight, this unit is quite strong and can provide relief to chronic pains almost similar to pricier units. Another popular feature is the inclusion of the 5 treatment modes, for those users that might be new to TENS therapy this might be a great place to start, since it is an affordable and dependable TENS machine. As the TENS AA Digital Unit comes with a kit that includes 4 reusable electrodes, lead wires, 2 AA batteries a carrying case and an instruction manual, so people who buy can be set and ready to use immediately. It is difficult to decide on to what exactly draws people to buy the TENS AA Digital Unit, is either the affordable pricing or the fact that is very practical, lightweight and simple to operate, either way we firmly believe that this is a great entry point if you wish to venture in the world of TENS therapy.

So far there are few complaints by those patients who purchase this unit, as they are seeking an affordable option to begin their TENS treatment. However, the main concerns voiced by them are that depending on what brand of AA batteries are purchased, the unit might need constant change of batteries. But this mainly is an issue related to the quality of the batteries the customer uses.

Although for its size it is definitely surprising how much power the TENS AA Digital Unit actually has, it is still a unit more useful to those people who might need TENS therapy in not so serious cases, for stronger chronic pain, you might want to consider a different TENS Machine. But make not mistake, this unit is definitely a purchase that you won’t regret.