TENS AA Digital Unit Review

If you have browsed through our products you may have noticed that most TENS units are powered by 9 volt batteries. The TENS AA Digital Unit, however, runs on two AA batteries, which are of course included with the product. In addition to that, it has a built-in LCD screen digital readout, making it even more accessible to users with a limited technological acumen. So how could such a small device powered by two humble AA batteries bring relief for musculoskeletal pain? The answer is that there is definitely more than meets the eye to this TENS unit.
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (which is what TENS is the acronym for) employs electrotherapy. That means it sends electrical impulses through the skin and straight to the nerves. However, no incision or puncturing needs take place; the device is applied to the skin surface with the aid of four reusable electrodes. The electric signals stimulate the nerves to react to both chronic and acute pain differently than they normally would; the result is that users themselves experience a sense of relief from what may otherwise be even crippling pain. The range of action of the AA unit covers back pain, nerve injuries, headaches, phantom pain, muscle and joint ache, sports injuries, sciatica, and different types of arthritis. 
This particular digital TENS unit can be set to five separate modes, depending on the source of the pain and its intensity. These modes are as follows; constant, burst I, burst II, modulated width, and modulated rate and width. This product is also endowed with a timer that can be programmed to 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes, or to run continuously. Lead wires, compact case and instructions booklet are also included along with the batteries and the electrodes
There are more detailed technical specifications as well; namely, dual channels, 150mA (peak value) across 500 ohm load maximum amplitude, adjustable 1 - 150 Hz pulse rate, adjustable 50 - 250 (in steps of 10) pulse width, parameter locking, and symmetrical biphasic or monophasic waveform. Last but not least, this is a 100mm x 65mm x 28mm, 5.5 oz unit. In other words, it is fully transportable. Finally, the TENS AA Digital Unit comes with a one year warranty. Even though a vast array of medical specialists recommend the use of TENS technology, make sure that your very own doctor is okay with you using this device.