TENS Meets EMS in The Intensity Twin Stim III

The Intensity Twin Stim III is a two-in-one device, containing both a TENS and an EMS unit. We’re all probably very familiar with the pain-relieving properties if a TENS machine, but what about EMS? It was only logical to include an EMS machine alongside TENS, since electrical muscle stimulation is the perfect complement for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. While TENS help to manage pain which can be produced by, among other sources, an injury, EMS can help to rehab that injury. Additionally, it may prevent future injuries by strengthening and toning muscles, as well as preventing inactive muscles from atrophying. 
The loss of muscle mass and weakness the characterize muscle atrophy are often associated with conditions such as cancer, congestive heart failure and renal failure, as well as with severe burns. However, disuse atrophy comes from muscle inactivity; in it, the muscles shrink and waste away as a result of not being used. Disuse atrophy is reversible provided that the muscle is once again active. Sometimes though, the injury itself is what prevents mobility, and the muscle can’t move as usual until the injury is healed, or can it? It actually can, as long as it’s prompted by electrical impulses.

Hundreds of years ago, Italian physician, physicist and philosopher Luigi Galvani discovered that electrical current can activate the muscles. You may recognize his last name from galvanism, the name given to electrically induced muscle contraction. Scientists have researched muscle movement-generating electrical properties for decades on end, but it was only until not too long ago that the technology was available to develop the Intensity Twin Stim III. Since then, it has been used in physical therapy in order to passively exercise a muscle or group of muscles which cannot be active on their own. By applying electrical stimulation to the immobile muscle, atrophy can be effectively prevented.
Not only can EMS stave off disuse atrophy, but it can also re-educate the muscle to be naturally used again so that you won’t have to be dependent on the Intensity Twin Stim III indefinitely. In spite of that, you can always rely on this product to be used as part of training. Muscle atrophy causes weakness because strength is directly proportionate to muscle mass. Muscles that are toned and strong are more appropriate to engage in physical activity, exercise and sports, which in turn leads to a fitter, more resistant to injury body.