The Therasonic Gel Review for Electrotherapy

therasonic gel

For those not familiar with Electro Therapy, conductive gel for Microcurrent, Ultrasound and TENS, is of high importance for multiple reasons. Using the gel allows the electric impulses emitted by the electrodes to fully distribute properly on the area the electrode has been placed. Conductive gel, as it sounds helps conduct the electricity so full maximized experience while having Electro Therapy. Discount Medical Supplies not brings you a comprehensive review of the TheraSonic Electrode/Ultrasound gel.

In electro therapy, the whole purpose is to get the most out of the electric impulse that is emitted from the device or unit. The electrode by itself can send enough electric impulse, but since the skin on itself can’t conduct the electricity properly, using the gel helps the impulse get distributed all over the surface of the electrode.  Another point that our customers have highlighted regarding the TheraSonic Electrode/Ultrasound gel is long lasting and can withstand a whole electrotherapy session. But it is gentle and easy enough to remove by just applying water. Another thing that is constantly brought up is that the gel will not stain clothes.

So far negative feedback regarding the TheraSonic Electrode/Ultrasound gel has been scarce. Overall pretty much all our customers who have bought the gel are pleased with their purchase as it is a product that does exactly what is advertised to do. However, before purchasing a bottle, one must know what and how much is being used. For constant use you might want to consider a bigger bottle since you can run out easily.

The TheraSonic gel is designed to be a highly conductive formula, when applied on the skin on a good layer it helps to properly distribute the electric impulses on the full area of the electrode. This helps enhance the treatment and extend the impulses received. Also, using the TheraSonic Electrode/Ultrasound gel helps to protect the skin. It is Hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic and non-sensitizing.  It does not contain formaldehyde and it is fully water soluble, meaning that it can be easily washed off.

This absolutely is a great purchase, worth every penny. Not only will your Electrotherapy will be thoroughly enhanced, you will help extend the lifespan of your electrodes. So do not hesitate, because if you are buying, or currently own a TENS unit or Ultrasound machine, this is the absolute best accessory that you can get to take it to the next level.

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