Thick it! Thick-it real good: A review of Thick It Food Thickner

Thick it

For people with problems swallowing aids like food thickeners are vital aids to keep at hand daily. So when you are choosing to get the best option for either yourself or a loved one that you are caring for, it is natural that you seek for the best available option that will get the job done, but won’t cause a huge dent to your budget. In this particular field, amongst our best-regarded options we have the Thick-It Food Thickener. We at Discount Medical Supplies have gathered all you need to know and put it to the test to help you see if this is a product worthy of your attention.

Thick It Food Thickner Features

Thick-It, like other products of its kind, is designed to add consistency to foods making them easier to swallow and more enjoyable to consume for people who are suffering of dysphagia or other swallowing disorders. Thick-it can thicken hot or cold foods. It is flavorless so adding it to the food will not alter its flavor. Adding the powder to your foods or liquids allows for you to have control of the consistency of the food you are digesting quickly and easily. Depending on the amount of Thick-it that you add to the meals or beverages you will be able to achieve consistencies similar to pudding, honey or nectar.

What customers like about the Thick It Food Thickner?

Mainly the reviews and feedback that we gathered, in a vast majority comes from caregivers of patients who use Thick-It. Their feedback and comments highlight how easy and convenient it is for patients to eat their meals with this product. Also they mention that it is very easy to prepare and have ready. Furthermore, many of them agree on calling this product as a “life-saver”. Also, the taste is not affected by the use of this product according to those who have tasted it.

What customers don’t like about the Thick It Food Thickner?

From what we were able to gather, the main concerns about this product that we have seen, were related on how at sometimes the food was not evenly thickened when this product was used. In this cases, we can only speculate if the preparation of the meals were correct and that the meals that were being used are those recommended by the manufacturers. Even then, the same people who voiced these concerns have stated that they will continue using this product, so you can draw your conclusion of why this must be.


If you or a loved one is suffering from dysphagia or problems swallowing, do not hesitate, this is the product you need to get.