Twin Stim 2nd Edition Product Review

Twim Stim

The Twin Stim 2nd Edition Unit is a combination of both a TENS unit and Muscle Stimulator. It helps mitigate pain and provide relief for people experiencing from acute and chronic pain as any TENS unit would do, but it has the additional perk that it can also work for muscle stimulation. For toning muscles, preventing or reducing muscle atrophy. The TENS function of this unit are capable to provide relief for sore, spastic or tight muscles, as well as alleviate nerve pains also.  It is a dual channel device with adjustable pulse amplitude. It has five different TENS modes for pain relief and 2 modes for Muscle Stimulation.

Twin Stim 2nd Edition Product Specification

  • This unit has dual channels so that both functions could work on either two separate areas of the body or on a wider area.
  • The Twin Stim 2nd Edition Unit comes on a hard plastic carrying case so you can take it anywhere with you and store it when not in use. For those who are in constant use of this unit it comes with a sturdy and safe metal belt clip so it can be in place for whenever you need to use it.
  • It has five different TENS modes so it can be adjusted to the necessity of the different types of pain patients might be enduring.
  • It also comes with 2 EMS modes: Synchronous and Alternate. These modes will provide impulses for muscle stimulation.


What buyers like about the Twin Stim 2nd Edition

  • Of course the biggest feature for this device is the combination of both TENS and EMS. In many occasions those patients recovering from certain injuries, they rely on TENS therapy to soothe their pain, and simultaneously they will require EMS to fight and prevent muscle atrophy.
  • Another comment often heard is that this unit can be used by athletes, either recovering from injury or those seeking to tone their muscles.
  • The TENS modes adjust properly and are up to par with  specialized TENS units in the market and the EMS modes also are in good quality.

What buyers don’t like about the Twin Stim 2nd Edition

  • While the combination is very attractive at first glance, among the people who have expressed any displeasure towards this machine are that at first the use of the different modes and settings can be tricky and confusing.
  • While there are pretty much no concerns or complaints regarding the TENS features of this machine, there have been people who have expressed themselves as not entirely pleased with the EMS functions of this machine, but we must stress that their comments express that there is room for improvement rather than complete dissatisfaction


The main benefit of this machine is having both modes at hand. The TENS modes can help sooth and relief pain and the EMS functions, can help with muscle toning and muscle atrophy, however if you are looking for something a little bit stronger for muscle stimulation, or you are more inclined on getting something extraordinary from those features, you might want to consider different options.