Twin Stim 2nd Edition Review

The Twin Stim 2nd Edition is an amazing option for a drug free pain medication. This unit is an innovative advance in electrotherapy and an excellent answer for those in need of pain relief. This device is at the top of our list in digital electrotherapy devices. The Twin Stim 2nd Edition is a combination of tens unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and muscle stimulator.

The Twin Stim 2nd Edition is a perfect fusion of our TENS 7000 and EMS 7500 which provides the user the option of five Modes of TENS and two Modes of EMS. Features include, dual channels, seven modes, timer, patient compliance meter, new stronger 100 mA output, safety amplitude cover, sturdy metal belt clip and rubber side railings for maximum handling.

This unit comes complete with the following items:

•    A set of lead wires
•    One package of electrodes (four self-adhesive reusable electrodes)
•    9-volt battery
•    Hard plastic carrying case
•    Instruction manual

The Twin Stim 2nd Edition offers five TENS modalities: Burst, Normal, Modulation, SD1, and SD2. And there are two EMS modalities: Synchronous and Alternate. Patient compliance meter can store up to 60 sets of operation manual.  Its Power Source is nine volt battery. The width of pulse can be adjusted from fifty microseconds to three hundred microseconds, in increments of ten microseconds per step. The pulse rate can be regulated from two Hertz to one hundred and fifty Hertz, in increments of a single Hertz per step. The ramp time can be fine-tuned in one-second increments from one second to eight seconds, with the on time automatically adjusting according to the selection. The amplitude of pulse can be set within a range of zero to one hundred milliamps from one peak to the next, into a five hundred phm load for each of the two separate channels.  Contraction time is two to ninety seconds and relaxation time is two to ninety seconds. The wave form is set in square biphasic asymmetrical pulse. And the timer can be used from one to sixty minutes or continuous.

If you are looking for immediate relief of acute or chronic pain this product may offer you pain relief for back, foot, shoulder, and neck. It will aid in the relaxation of muscle spasms, and can also increase local blood circulation. It is recommended for immediate post-surgical stimulation. In addition, it may assist in maintaining or increasing range of motion and prevention of retardation of disuse atrophy. And it is great for muscle re-education.

This product is an awesome machine. Not only affordable but well constructed, easy to use, portable, great quality and an incredible solution for pain relief.