Ultima 3T with timer review

This is not just an Ultima 3T TENS device, it has also been outfitted with a useful timer. Keep in mind that this is no mean feature, especially taking into account that this already is a pocket-sized product. You can take it any place with you, and wherever that may be, you’re bringing pain relief along. If that wasn’t enough for versatility, it is also dual channel unit. As such, it gives you the chance to choose between stimulating two different parts of your body simultaneously, or focus on a larger area. Speaking of choices, you can pick one of three different modes.
These modes are Normal (N), Burst (B), and Modulation (M). The N mode is the default setting, in which pulse rate and pulse duration controls work independently. B mode emits clusters of seven individual pulses two times every second. In this mode pulse rate is disabled but pulse duration remains active. During M mode pulse rate fluctuates between 100 to 50 pulses a second, at four second intervals. The timer that we mentioned is an addition but not an imposition; thus you can decide to forgo any time settings at all. 

Technically speaking, the Ultima 3T is a 4.4 oz, 1 1/5” x 2½ ” x 3 3/5” TENS unit with asymmetric biophasic square pulse waveform, 0-80 mA pulse amplitude, 2 to 150 Hz adjustable pulse frequency, and 60 to 250 microsecond adjustable pulse width. Furthermore, the package includes battery and electrodes. As you can surmise from the weight and size of the unit, electrotherapeutic pain relief is now in the palm of your hand, quite literally. However, the palm of your hand is not the only part of your body that will have something to do with the Ultima 3T.
As a matter of fact, your head and neck, abdomen, back, and upper and lower extremities stand to get a reprieve from conditions such as bursitis, MS, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, synovitis, causalgia, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and Raynaud’s syndrome. It doesn’t end there though; this product also alleviates headaches (both cluster and migraine headaches), sprains and strains, spondylosis, torticollis, whiplash, diverticulosis, dysmenorrheal, lumbago, facet syndrome, ankle, foot and knee pain, fractures, sciatica, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, wrist and hand pain, and post-surgery pain. As you may have concluded by now, the Ultima 3T may be small in size, but it certainly is a little jack-of-all-trades when it comes to pain management.