The Ultimate Muscle Stimulator: CareTec II vs CareTec IV Review


The CareTec combo units are well known in the Electro Therapy Community both the CareTec II and the CareTec IV are both amongs the most popular and mozt purchased items in the market today. The reason is because of their versatility. But, what is their appeal? For starters, these units are very versatile, as it was just said, but they are also powerful and very reliable.

The CareTec II, is a combo unit that has both capabilities of providing TENS and EMS therapy for its users. The TENS portion of the unit provides pain relief and alleviation and at the same time it can provide all the benefits of the EMS. This unit is ideal for athletes and sports related physiotherapists. It is fully portable and has a dual channel allowing up to four electrodes to be plugged it. Fully adjustable modes, ideal for both recovery and muscle tonification.

CareTec IV is a combo package that includes four separate modes: TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), Electronic Muscle Stimulation, Interferential Stimulation, and Russian Stimulation. These four separate modes can be used for either pain relief and for muscle stimulation. This unit is fully portable and can go with you anywhere you want. It has a dual channel and a large variety of adjustable settings. In total, this machine is capable of delivering up to 28 different programs that can be adjusted to accommodate the patient’s needs.


When choosing what is the best option for you, the best thing to do is decide what do you need from the unit you purchase. The CareTec II provides the basic features that you need for muscle care. It brings the popular relief that TENS brings, with great power and consistency. For more thorough and more “professional” approach to Electro therapy the best recommendation is that you take the advantage and get the CareTec IV.

Both units come with a 9v Battery, but both include an AC adaptor it allows it to really extende the battery life and more convenient. Also they both include 4 electrodes,  that work just fine when applied, but an upgrade on that department could be properly considered to some silver electrodes. Also adding some conductive gel to the electrodes can really enhance the treatment. Like we said on top, both these units are top notch contenders for the tittle of best combo units. Although, for initial users and those who are not very experienced on Electro therapy, they might be a bit too advanced.

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