Ultrasound US 1000 3rd Edition Unit Review

The Ultrasound US 1000 3rd Edition by Current Solutions, is a portable ultrasound machine that provides chronic pain relief while emitting a subtle sonic stimulation on soft tissue cells, speeding up the healing process of normal common injuries. Using this machine helps to reduce muscle spasms and it lets you increase the range of motion. It also can help relief joint contractures. It is fully portable so you can use it from anywhere. 

Ultrasound US 1000 3rd Edition Product Features: 
This machine produces deep heat and vibration on the soft tissue cells in the injured area of the body. It increases the tissue temperature and helps in the patients’ healing process.
  • Advanced pain relief 
  • Three Power output
  • Includes a water soluble ultrasound gel
  • On/Off switch
  • Packaged with A/C 110V adapter, Instruction manual and a hard carry case

What buyers like about the Ultrasound US 1000?
This product is designed for those dealing with muscle pains from injuries or other circumstances. Overall, here are a few of the benefits as told from buyers of this machine:
  • Fast acting, the patients that have used the machine have stated that they are very pleased with the outcome of every time they tried the device and how quick they began to feel a soothing sensation.
  • Fully portable so physicians and patients can take the machine everywhere
  • The inclusion of the ultrasound gel, also saves times and provides 
  • Viably helps speed the healing process of muscular injuries. It also helps prevent any recurring pain and/or injury
  • Economic pricing, it comes as a very cheap, but useful tool instead of very expensive options like laser shock. 
What buyers do not like about the Ultrasound US 1000?
The main concerns found online by some users that bought this machine are related to the fact that they claim that it would not generate a strong enough ultrasound level. This claim is still a bit unclear since those who are voicing such concerns are in a very small minority. Also customers have expressed that the instructions on the machine are not entirely clear, but also they appear to be in the minority. Overall, the complaints expressed on this machine appear to be isolated and very minimum. 
This product is ideal for those with common muscular injuries and pain. It is a great deal if you want to take the advantage that the device comes with the pads, the carrying case and the ultrasound gel.