Ambidextrous Ankle Brace for Sprain: Better than Training?

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A product like the Universal Size Ambidextrous Ankle Brace may be more effective at preventing a second sprain in the same ankle than neuromuscular training, according to a Dutch study published on the British Journal of Sports Medicine in January of this year. Not only are ankle sprains responsible for a quarter of all injuries regardless of the sport, but they have a higher rate of recurrence. Moreover, even people who do not practice any sports are also susceptible to this type of injury. Ankle sprain recurrence can lead to anterior ankle impingement, peroneal tendon pathology, chronic ankle instability and eventually osteoarthritis, with the consequent need for extended medical attention.

In the study, 384 adult participants between the ages of 18 and 70 who played a sport for at least 1 hour a week and had recently suffered a sprained ankle were divided in three different groups.

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Name of group

Number of participants


Training group


Eight-week home-based neuromuscular training regime.

Brace group


Wearing an ankle brace for all sports activities during 12 months.

Combi group


Training regime + wearing ankle brace for all sports activities during 8 months.


The participants were tracked for one year, after which the results were as follows:

Rate of ankle sprain recurrence


Number of participants







69 (20%)








The researchers found that bracing is more effective than training in preventing ankle sprain recurrence; bracing is linked to an additional 47% decrease in the risk of recurrence vs. training; and that full compliance to neuromuscular training and bracing as individual home-based interventions was 45% and 48%, respectively, in the first two months, but when the interventions were combined the compliance decreased to 28%.

The Universal Size Ambidextrous Ankle Brace offers superior compression, pain relief and the sensation of strength to weakened or injured ankles. This product is made with top quality neoprene and nylon. Since it is both ambidextrous and universally-sized, users need only need to purchase one –barring the dreaded but rare double-ankle sprain. This support brace evenly compresses and supports the ankle, decreasing pain as well as helping to limit further damage and inflammation by keeping the ankle compressed and immobilized. In addition to sprains, this brace is ideal for strains and soft-tissue ankle injuries. With a price tag of $8, this product is also a cost-effective method of treating and preventing ankle sprains. 

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