Universal Size Open Patella Knee Brace for Osteoarthritis

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The Universal Size Open Patella Knee Brace can provide relief for osteoarthritis –sometimes even in cases when surgery has failed- and help the user regain his mobility and with it a better quality of life. Osteoarthritis erodes the cartilage; the rubbery tissue that pads the ends of the bones at contact points. Since the knee is one of the largest joints and consists of several important bones such as the tibia, femur, and patella, it isn’t surprising that osteoarthritis can wreak havoc on it and lead to pain, loss of mobility, and deformity.

Fortunately, this knee brace helps to realign the knee, take pressure of affected areas, and restore function. Moreover, a knee brace is non-invasive and as can be easily surmised does not have side effects like medications do. Additionally, the Universal Size Open Patella Knee Brace for osteoarthritis has several other attractive features including:

  • Support for patients who have suffered minor knee sprains or strains.
  • Made with neoprene and nylon.
  • Double padded area around the patella.
  • Secured in place by 3 hook and loop closure straps.
  • Fits either leg or right knee.
  • One size fits most.

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Inarguably one of the main features of this knee brace is its open patella; after all how could you miss that hole smack dab in the middle like a cyclopean eye staring right at you? However, that opening is not there just for ventilation or aerodynamics. As a matter of fact, this type of braces are meant to keep the patella (kneecap) aligned with the rest of the knee joint. Although open patella braces offer relatively less support than closed braces, the latter have the potential of worsening an injury by exerting pressure on the patella during exercise. Light and flexible open patella braces are usually recommended for active sports.   

It is important to note that osteoarthritis of the knee has several different stages, and as such there is a certain window during which knee braces are more beneficial in the treatment of this condition.






Healthy knee




Minor bone spur growth.


Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements; exercise

2 (mild)

Greater bone spur growth. Normal space between bones, bones do not rub or scrape against each other, synovial fluid still at sufficient levels.

Pain after a day of walking or running, joint stiffness, tenderness when kneeling or bending.

Losing weight, exercise, knee braces for protection and stabilization, mild medication.

3 (moderate)

Noticeable damage in cartilage, narrowing space between bones.

Frequent pain while walking, running, bending or kneeling, joint stiffness after sitting for long periods or when waking up, joint swelling.

Cortisone injections, prescription medicine, viscosupplementation.

4 (severe)

Cartilage almost gone, space between bones minimal, synovial fluid doesn’t reduce friction.

Serious pain and discomfort while walking or moving the joint.

Bone realignment surgery, total knee replacement.

A study from 2010 found that 31% of participants who used knee braces reported taking less over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, and 35% said they took fewer prescription anti-inflammatory drugs within 6 months of wearing a brace. The less misalignment a patient has, the more they improve in pain, stiffness, and function. However, the Universal Size Open Patella Knee Brace should not be viewed as a sole treatment for osteoarthritis, but as part of therapy that may also include weight loss and thigh muscle strengthening, or any other course of action directed by a doctor and/or physical therapist. 

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