The Versatility of The TENS 7000

The TENS 7000 has many features that are worthy of mention. For example, it has a dual channel which allows you to work on two different parts of your body at the same time (with two electrodes each), or cover a larger area with all the four electrodes at once. That kind flexibility right there would be enough of a selling point. However, the improvements over previous models don’t end there. It also has the added benefit of being a handheld device with a digital screen, a timer, a patient compliance meter, and a stronger output. Besides all of that, there’s the matter of its 5 different stimulation modes.

These 5 modes are burst (B), normal (N), modulated rate and width (MRW), and strength duration (SD1 and SD2). Burst sends two bursts of seven pulses each every second. These pulse bursts are constantly reiterated at a fixed rate of 100Hz, with a pulse width of 50 to 3000us. Normal mode emits a steady, uniform and uninterrupted string of impulses. However, the pulse rate and width may be adjusted at will. Nerves are thought to be able to grow accustomed to the same electrical stimulus after a while, demanding more and more intensity before showing results. Luckily, the TENS 7000 has more modes yet.

The MRW mode is meant to mix things up a bit, providing several different electrical stimuli to keep nerves from accommodating to the same impulses. This way, the lowest possible intensity will remain effective for the longest possible time. In addition, pulse rate and width are conveyed to the muscles in the form of a soothing massaging motion. Finally, the SD mode switches from increasing intensity to decreasing pulse width, and the other way around as well. This diversity of modes is one of the reasons that the TENS 7000 unit is so attractive, but it’s far from being the only one.

This thoughtfully packaged product includes other peripherals, such as a belt clip, rubber side railings, a protective carrying case, battery, lead wires, and four pre-gelled electrode pads. If that wasn’t enough, it has been beautifully crafted, so it has the modern look to go with its interior technology. The TENS 7000 is certainly a triumph of form and function as far as transcutaneous electrical verve stimulation devices go. When you get one these bad boys, be sure to check the instructions to find out how to make the most of its modes and the rest of its features.