What’s in a TENS 7000 review?

tens 7000 review

The content of a TENS 7000 review depends on the source of it. For example, no one will be shocked that a review found in a website that actually sells these units sings the praises of electrotherapy almost as an article of faith. Even a website that always puts the wellbeing of users over profit like Discount Medical Supplies – of course we aim to sell, but we also give back – is suspect. But what about reviews from informative, unbiased websites that stand to gain or lose nothing from either panning or endorsing a given product? The answer may surprise you and intrigue you.


This website “was started in 2013 when I realized that there was a need within the medical community for patients to become informed on their choices for the electrical equipment known as Pulse Massagers.” In addition to pulse managers, it also reviews TENS units and other pain-relief devices. Its TENS 7000 review says that this device has been highly rated and reviewed since it came out “because of its good design and durability.” It goes on to say that it is “one of the best TENS Devices currently sold and has been one of the best sellers of TENS units for a long time,” comparing positively with the TENS 3000.

The review gives a very detailed account of the several variables that users can adjust for, implying this is a double-edged sword. On the one hand it says “the number of things that you can adjust is really amazing;” on the other, it warns that “because you have so many options on how to adjust the pulsing signal the buttons and dials on the pain relief device may become very confusing and even reading the operating manual still doesn’t help,” and that it may take a while “to figure out which setting, speed, intensity, mode … are best for your individual pain.” Nevertheless, it concludes that “out of all the TENS devices used for pain treatment, this is definitely one of the best units that we’ve seen.


This is “a health related website containing research, case studies, reviews and product analyses” whose “main interests lie in pain management, fitness, sleep optimization and wellness.” Right off the bat this TENS 7000 review admits that this device may not be the most aesthetically pleasing unit, but “if you were to base your judgment on its appearance and stopped reading now, you’d be dismissing one of the finest TENS units out there.” Contrary to what the previous review claimed, this one remarks that “the instruction manual does a great job in explaining what each mode does and how it works.”

This reviewer helpfully compiled a list of pros and cons, the latter of which he or she – by his/her own admission – struggled to find, and only came up with two after “being really picky.”




·         Powerful. High output strength with 8 adjustable intensity levels.

·         Timer can be set to customized length or on continuous mode.

·         Pre-programmed yet adjustable modes.

·         Top controls encased within plastic covers.

·         Good battery life.

·         Solid construction.

·         Well built.

·         Carrying case included.

·         Small, lightweight, and portable.

·         Comprehensive manual.

·         Non-rechargeable.

·         Included pads not as good as some replacement electrodes.


The pulsemassagers.com reviewer did mention that “some people have complained that this device cannot be charged or plugged into the wall,” and that most 9v batteries – which the TENS 7000 uses as a source of power – are designed in such a way as to render them non-rechargeable, cautioning that “the amount of money spent in buying new 9-Volt batteries can add up really fast”. The reviewer for thegoodbody.com acknowledged this issue as well but added that “when it comes to TENS 7000 I believe the unit is that good, investing in a charger and batteries makes total sense.” The unit comes with one battery and “enough (accessories) for you to get started straight away.” This TENS 7000 review gives the device an overall rating of 8.5 out of 10 and summarizes it thusly: “TENS machines should perform, they’re not here to look good – but to make you feel good. TENS 7000 may look a little dated – but don’t be fooled, this is a powerful piece of kit, suited to people who are serious about their TENS sessions.”