What the EMS 7500 Brings to the Table?

The EMS 7500 is an Electrical Muscle Stimulation device. Since the early 60’s, EMS has been a staple of physical therapy, specifically as it pertains muscle rehabilitation required on account of an injury or surgery. Some of the goals of EMS therapy are to prevent skeletal muscle atrophy, and to treat central nervous system impairment caused by a stroke or spinal cord injury. As manufacturers have been designing better and more effective devices, the popularity of this therapy has been growing, arguably reaching its peak due to units such as the EMS 7500.   
Developing strength gain in lower extremities after orthopedic surgery for example, can be achieved through the modulation of electrical waveforms that result in a comfortable electrical current, which the EMS 7500 employs to stimulate enervated muscles.  This ability has led both users and researchers to wonder whether this stimulation can be used as part of healthy individuals’ training.  Studies conducted on what was previously known as the Soviet Union concluded that EMS technology strengthens skeletal muscle better than exercise on its own, at least as far as elite athletes were concerned. The Russians are well known for developing similar techniques, namely Russian stimulation. 

However, these conclusions should not be construed to mean that the EMS 7500 should be used as ‘get-fit-quick’ scheme, or in order to get ‘rock-hard abs,’ while you sit down and do nothing, as some irresponsible advertising may affirm.  If you have an injured muscle, then yes, EMS does most of the rehabilitation work. However, the ultimate objective is to get you to use that muscle normally once again. Likewise, the EMS 7500 may be used as part of a workout, especially to warm up. But it’s not meant to replace exercise. Moreover, EMS is ideal for isolating and focusing in particular muscles or groups of muscles. 
The EMS 7500 can provide many benefits regarding pain management and rehabilitation. As long as it is used according to the instructions enclosed in its package and under a doctor’s orders, that is. This unit offers the added perks of being small enough to fit the palm of your hand, and powerful enough to alleviate muscle soreness, muscle spasms, damaged nerve pain, lower back pain, and many other conditions without having to resort to pain medications. In light of the common side effects of pain management drugs, the EMS 7500 emerges as a very sound alternative.