What’s in a Perfecto2 Oxygen Concentrator Manual?

Perfecto2 Oxygen

When you buy a Perfecto2 Oxygen Concentrator you will find an instruction manual enclosed with the product, which will guide you through the operation, maintenance and storage of this respiratory medical supply. In the manual you will find a description of the product, including its physical appearance which consists of such features as:

  • Oxygen outlet
  • Flowmeter
  • Elapsed time meter
  • Oxygen purity indicator lights/fault and power indicator lights
  • Circuit breaker
  • Power switch
  • Cabinet filter
  • Power cord
  • Outlet fitting

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Reading the manual should be the very first thing a user does, for it may even illustrate how to unpack, inspect and store the product; something along the lines of:




·         Check for damage to carton or contents.

·         Remove loose packing from carton.

·         Remove all components from carton.

·         Check the exterior of the oxygen concentrator for damages including nicks, dents, and scratches.

·         Store repackaged concentrator in a dry area.

·         Do not put objects on top of the repackaged oxygen concentrator.


Much of the instructions for use will be devoted to warnings and precautions and other ground rules to ensure the safe use of this product, including:

The purpose of an oxygen concentrator may be sometimes overlooked; after all, it may be assumed that a user knows what such a product is for. The Perfecto2 manual doesn’t take that for granted, though, and explains that an oxygen concentrator is used to separate oxygen from air in an indoor room. A high concentration of oxygen is then delivered via a nasal cannula in order to provide oxygen therapy to a patient who has been prescribed such treatment.

From there the manual may go on to elaborate that the device should run for a warm up period of at least 30 minutes so that the maximum of level purity may be reached. The unit can be considered to be in use during this initial time. The L/min. settings should be adjusted according to a doctor’s instructions. However, a Low Flow alarm will set off should the flowmeter fall below 0.5 L/min. for longer than 60 seconds, and will turn off when the rated flow is restored between 0.5 and 0.75 L/min.

Most of the settings and upkeep of the Oxygen Concentrator Perfecto2 is best left to a licensed physician or authorized maintenance personnel, respectively. As far as the user is concerned though, the instruction manual is tantamount to the bible. The manual included with your product will be infinitely more detailed than we have space and time for in here. However, it may not be infallible either, so any questions or doubts should be referred to either a doctor or the manufacturer. 

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