Wound Care Sponge Types

As many people have experienced, wounds can be quite messy and a hassle to deal with. They require a special touch and special products to handle them effectively. Wound care sponges are great products for caring for a wound. They are versatile, durable, and convenient.
 They work even more effectively when used in conjunction with wound care tape, to help a wound properly heal. When a wound is treated properly from the beginning, there is less likelihood of further complications.
What are sponges good for?
Wound care sponges are one of the most sanitary ways in which you can handle a wound. Sponges are a great option when it comes to applying ointments and creams.
 According to WebMD, not only do ointments provide needed moisture to a wound, but they also reduce infection risks. 
Here are few more of the healthcare benefits of wound care sponges:
They can quickly wick away any fluids by utilizing superior absorbency capabilities.
These sponges are sterile which reduces the risk of contamination and infection.
The sponges can be used as a dressing over a wound to make sure that it properly covered and protected from outside elements.

Holding it All Together
Once you have the wound care sponges, it is time to use a wound care tape to hold the sponge in place, thereby providing the optimal protection for a wound. 
Here are a few tapes to browse through:
3M Healthcare 3M Transpore Tape is water-resistant and transparent. It is easy to tear and a great product to secure dressings.
3M Healthcare Coban Self-adherent Wrap is actually a wrap but functions in the same capacity as tape. It adheres to itself and not the skin making it super comfortable.
Reliamed Silk/Cloth Surgical Tape, Latex Free by Milliken Medical is another hypoallergenic tape that is the perfect way to secure dressings. This tape is suited for sensitive skin.
Wound care sponges are the perfect solution for tending to your wounds from minor to severe. Combined with wound care tape, wounds are provided the optimal condition in which to heal. 
You can avoid running the risk of an infection and prevent any other complications. You can rest assured that all of your healthcare needs can be met with these tools and basic guidance. Remember to keep an eye on wounds to make sure they are healing properly and no further steps are required.