3 special Holiday season gift ideas for Doctors

Doctors and Physicians often develop close relationships with their colleagues, and even close friendships. When the holiday season comes, wanting to send a peer a gift of some sort is a nice gesture, but as any other human being, you might find yourself out of ideas of what to give them. Sure a tie or some socks might be a nice gesture, why not think outside the box and make a great impression by giving a great and useful gift for a fellow practitioner.

We have gathered some great value gift ideas that will be greatly appreciated by your peers.

1- CareTec IV TENS/EMS/IF/Russian Stim

At  $83.49 value this little device can be of enormous value as an addition to any doctor’s practice. This combo unit provides four different modes of Electrotherapy making it a bargain. It has the capability of providing TENS therapy, EMS, Interferential and Russian Stimulation, all in one small device. It is one of the highest rated, best regarded electrotherapy combo units in the market. It includes dual isolated channels with 4 different electrotherapy modes and 14 preset programs for you to choose from. A carrying case, lead wires, a 9-Volt battery, AC adapter, an instructions manual and a pack of self-adhesive reusable electrodes. To fully make it a well rounded gift include an extra pack of electrodes and some conductive gel.

2- Blood Pressure Kit

This particular item is a fantastic and very useful gift idea to give any of your colleagues, and nurses if necessary. This particular kit includes a Match Mates Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with calibrated adult nylon cuff, and a 22” Sprague Rappaport type stethoscope with a matching and convenient nylon carrying case. Not only is this a fancy looking kit it is very useful, specially for nurses and doctors who are constantly performing house calls. Discount Medical Supplies currently has this item at the low price of $62.79.

3- Carex Sunlite Bright Light Therapy Lamp

This particular item can be greatly appreciated as it can be useful for patients and the doctor also! The SunLite Bright Light Therapy lamp, helps to treat sleep disorders, jet lag and low energy. Ideal for those hard working doctors who might find themselves dealing with seasonal affective disorder due to long hours of work. It is stylish and fancy looking, ideal for any office desk. Normally an item of this nature would be very expensive, but luckily we carry it a the low price of $129.93.

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