Altus Pro True Low Air Loss Mattress System product review

All healthcare providers who are in charge of a nursing facility or any other long-term care facility should have one or more Altus Pro True Low Air Loss Mattress Systems to prevent and manage medium and high risk pressure ulcer – more specifically, visible pressure ulcers or sores classified as stages II to IV. This product could be considered a type of elderly medical supplies, although any patient who spends prolonged periods lying down can develop pressure sores.


·         20 rows of 10-inch nylon/PU cells,

·         Continuous pressure relief environment.

·         Helps to decrease body temperature and moisture by letting air diffuse and circulate through the laser holes of the mattress surface.

·         Integrated loop bridge to hold the air cells in place.

·         Snap cell design for easy replacement of individual cells.

·         24-hour pressure area care.


This product is perfect for the improvement of circulation, lowering of body temperature, and promotion of a dry environment. The Altus Pro True Low Air Loss Mattress System decreases the prevalence of pressure ulcers by maintaining four different pressure zones. Additionally, softer head and heal sections and firmer torso and leg sections guarantee your patients’ comfort. Once again, this is not only a type of elderly medical supplies but can be used to treat patients of any age who have pressure ulcers.


This mattress does not have AP or APG protection. It should not be used for cervical/skeletal traction or unstable spinal cord injuries.


·         Do not operate directly on the floor.

·         Push the Autofirm button to automatically inflate the mattress to the maximum level of 25 mmHg.

·         Push that same button again to return to the previous pressure level. The pump will automatically return to the previous pressure level after 30 minutes.

·         Push the Seat button to achieve even support and 5 mmHg higher pressure to prevent the patient from bottoming out when placing him or her in the seating position for feeding or other applications.

·         The indicator light will blink along with a beeping alarm when the system loses pressure or power.

·         The Mute button will silence only the Low Pressure alarm, but the indicator will continue to blink. Pressing the Mute button again will reactivate the audible alarm. Push the power switch to the off position to silence the Power Failure alarm.

·         When there is an emergency and CPR needs to be performed on the patient, pull the Inflation/CPR tube to quickly release the air from the mattress.

·         The Inflation/CPR tube is located on the lower right side of the pump, on opposite side from the power switch.

·         Read the entire manual for full assemblage and operation instructions.

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