Aluminum crutch with accessories (underarm pad and handgrip)

The Drive Medical Aluminum Walking Crutch with accessories is comfortable, stable and durable and ensures extra strength on weight-bearing areas.


·         Double extruded center tube.

·         Extra thick underarm pads and hand grips.

·         Tool free push-button adjustment.

·         Height of the underarm can be adjusted in 1" increments.

·         Hand grips adjust separately without tools.

·         Easy wing nut adjustments for hand grips.

·         Lighter than wood.

·         Non-skid, jumbo size vinyl contoured tips.

·         Excellent traction.

·         Weight capacity: 350 lbs.


People really seem to like the fact that these cheap medical supplies are sturdy and lightweight and ideal for tall people. Cases in point (from Amazon): “These crutches are lightweight yet sturdy. I am using them while my broken foot is healing. They are helping me to get back and forth to work safe lye. I highly recommend them;” “they are lightweight and sturdy. They also fit me well, and I am 6'6" tall;” and “Great crutches for tall people. Adjustable and very well made.” Also “excellent for the price. Solid and well made;” and as succinctly put as possible, “It's crutches. They do what they are supposed to.”


On the downside we have, “On the downside, the soft parts wear out rather quickly. The tips lasted exactly two weeks before needing replacement. You will definitely want additional padding on the top for your underarms (I used hand towels taped on). I guess I would recommend this item for someone who just needed them for a few weeks. If you need them for longer, be ready to find spare parts.”


·         Use the Drive Medical Aluminum Walking Crutch under the guidance of a doctor or physical therapist.

·         Replace the crutch tips if they are worn.

·         Keep the hand grip wingnut tightened.

·         Be extra careful on wet and slippery floors.

Fit and assembly


·         To adjust height, press both push buttons, rotate foot piece, and pull down until reaching desired height.

·         The foot piece has a circular ring marked to indicate the location of the push button.

·         Rotate the foot piece again until both push buttons lock back into place.


·         Adjust handgrip to fit about 10” bend at patient elbow.

Checking for safety

·         Position crutches according to diagram included in the owner’s manual – and while you’re at, take the time to read the entire instructions – and confirm that the patient can lean forward comfortably while resting on the underarm supports.

·         The patient should not have to stand uncomfortably erect.

·         Make sure both push buttons are firmly in place and the handgrip nuts are securely tightened.


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