Aqua fitness medical supplies online: AquaJogger Junior Belt

The AquaJogger Junior Belt is a type of aqua fitness medical supplies online that has been designed to make children feel more relaxed and confident in the water when they are learning to swim.


·         Provides buoyancy and freedom of movement.

·         Positions legs at correct kicking angle.

·         Leaves arms free to learn a variety of strokes.

·         Does not constrict head or neck from correct breathing techniques.

·         Accelerates the learning-to-swim process.

·         Tested for two years in top West Coast pools.

·         Youth (ages 3-12).


Many flotation devices fail to properly position flotation for accurate swimming and maximum freedom. That’s not the case with the AquaJogger Junior. The trademarked, flexible foam design is contoured to a child’s small waist. The belt can be adjusted to comfortably and securely fit children between the ages of 3 and 12 – which is tantamount to saying that, theoretically speaking, even if your kid took 9 years to learn to swim, he or she could use the same AquaJogger Junior belt, without having to switch to a similar type of online medical supplies online. This is less bulky than some other floatation devices, and encourages the child to learn and use swimming techniques.


Some parents have found that there is an issue with the belt rubbing on the child's waist – which could be remedied by having the kid wear a shirt or find a way to put some type of fabric around the black strap that is used to hold the belt on. Additionally, some parents might be wary of this product because it positions the child face down if they use it to learn to swim. We could tell you that the only way to properly swim is with the head down in the water, per the Red Cross swim method and the Total Immersion swim method. But you should go ahead and ask one or more swimming instructors about this, if only for your own peace of mind.


This belt is a flotation aid to help in learning to swim in a pool and not a substitute for a life jacket or preserver, ‘floaties,’ or any other water safety device. Children need constant adult supervision in and around a pool (and anywhere else too, for that matter). Recommend for anyone who wants to start teaching their children how to swim, non-swimmers and  beginners, as well as for smaller adults.