Are these the best electrodes for your TENS Unit?

electrodesUsers of TENS and EMS often turn to the 2" Square Blue Cloth Electrodes when they are faced with the necessity of changing the electrodes for their units. Electrodes are fundamental parts of the Electrotherapy process; they are where there is direct contact with the patient’s skin. In order for the whole therapy process to be effective it is vital that the patient receives the full amount of electric stimulation. The Blue Cloth Electrodes are of large popularity among our customers, so much so, that today we dedicate them an exclusive hands-on review.

Product Features

The 2" Square Blue Cloth Electrodes are self-adhering so they allow for easy and secure positioning on the affected areas. These electrodes are compatible with the common TENS and EMS units and they are pretty durable, but the life span of these electrodes is correlated with the usage and maintenance they receive. If you are planning of using them constantly, on yourself or clients, it is highly recommended that you use some skin prep on the patients skin. This way the electric impulses are better transmitted and the electrodes adhesive end is not as contaminated during use.  Furthermore washing the electrodes after use with water and a gentle toothbrush helps them maintain a longer life span.

What we like about this product

Upon feeling the electros its blue cloth backing gives them an easy-to-the-touch sensation. When you hold them in your hand and compare them to any economy electrode (like the default ones included in most TENS units) they have a more sizeable feel. That precise feel translates into an enhanced experience when you attach them to your Electrotherapy unit. The 2" Square Blue Cloth Electrodes’ area of coverage really distributes the electric impulses properly to all the skin almost equally, giving the patient a real sense of a more deep effect. Upon our testing of the electrodes we noticed how much deeper we sensed the impulses. Of course we used a powerful unit to really put the electrodes to the test.

Is it worth a purchase?

We recommend all our customers that are thinking of buying a TENS or EMS unit to also add the 2" Square Blue Cloth Electrodes to their cart. They are the best and most affordable options in the market currently. If you are constantly using electrotherapy in your practice, we recommend that you take advantage of the low price of these electrodes an get them in large quantities so you always have enough for spare.

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