Back Care Awareness Week Tip: Cybertech SPINE Back Brace

Back Care Awareness Week may occur in the UK, but the Cybertech SPINE Back Brace is widely available thanks to Discount Medical Supplies. This product meets the demands of orthopedists and is now within the reach of patients suffering from low back pain.


·         One-step pulley system achieves full circumferential compression instead of just favoring of one side to another.

·         Nylon mesh side panels for vertical support.

·         Patented rotating type pulley mechanism allows for true 6:1 mechanical advantage.

·         Removable corset’s rear power unit for easy care and cleaning.

·         Designed to provide support and hydrostatic lift to lower back.

·         Single front fabric fastener.

·         Easy to adjust in seconds.

·         Breathable mesh.

·         Promotes airflow for cool and clean usage.


One of the main advantages of the Cybertech SPINE Back Brace is that it can be used while standing or sitting, and even while walking or driving. As one Amazon reviewer puts it, “This is amazing I use driving, walking, jogging and while doing house work, ever since I have not hurt my back.” Another one says that “I have tried multiple supports/braces in the past and this is far and away hands down the best. It is sturdy, easily adjustable on the fly, and provides a stiff support far exceeding what is obtainable with conventional orthopedic appliances. I use it when working, practicing the piano for extended periods, sporting activities, etc. In fact, I have been so impressed that I have since purchased several more as gifts for my adult children and several friends.”


Among the few Amazon users that complained about this back brace, one said that “It is suppose to give support to my lumbar spine, but every time I move standing or sitting it loosen up and I am
always tighten it. I wear it while I drive and when I get out of the car it has moved up under by breast.”


You should position the Cybertech SPINE Back Brace above the pelvic bone because of the rigid plastic parts in the rear of the brace. It is not elastic. You connect the Velcro, and then adjust the firmness by pulling the handle around to where you want it. It is just like a corset, but handier. An even more important recommendation is that, even though Roscoe Medical – the product’s manufacturer – says that this “is the first line of defense for the treatment of low back pain without a prescription,” we cannot stress enough the fact that you should talk to your doctor about this product before you use it.

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