Back Huggar Lumbar Cushion Home Care Medical Supplies

The Back Huggar Lumbar Support Cushions are not just home care medical supplies – like Tom Petty’s third solo album, this is also an excellent highway companion. Whether it’s at home, the office, or on the road, though, the Back Huggar relieves low back pain and supports the spine.


·         Relieves low back disc pressure.

·         Reduces pain and fatigue.

·         Two-plane shape supports laterally and vertically.

·         Improves sitting posture while.

·         Relaxing comfort at home, at work, or in the car.

·         1-piece molded polyurethane foam.

·         Hand-sewn, zippered cover.

·         Loops for optional elastic securing strap.

·         Available in beige, black, blue, or gray.


Other lumbar devices simply cushion, but the Back Huggar provides support not only laterally but also vertically in order to provide the best lumbar spine support experience. As Amazon user Robyn S Rosenwald wrote, “I purchased this at the recommendation of a friend who got one from her chiropractor. I have pretty chronic lower back pain and since I've been using this while driving I have noticed a marked decrease in my pain. I also sometimes bring it in and use it at work or on my Comfy lazy boy at home. It is the most helpful back cushion I have found.” And the best part is that the Back Hugger is in no way shape or form related to the Face Hugger.


Another Amazon user helpfully points out the cons, including the facts that it is a tad pricier than other back supports, requires the user to purchase a strap separately for strapping it around a chair, it does not work well with concave seats like basic wooden doweled kitchenette chairs, and that it has a tendency to slide on slick surfaces. However, that same user added that “I still think it’s a phenomenal pillow.”


We recommend you to use this product if you intend/are forced to sit for extended periods of time – as well as take it with you on long trips – whether or not you have chronic low back pain. As for the price alluded to in the preceding paragraph, we recommend you to buy the Back Huggar at Discount Medical Supplies, where you can save up to 32% on this item. At DMS you can find home care medical supplies with the best and lowest guaranteed prices available on the Internet.

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