Backtivator Seat Cushion medical equipment has your back

The Backtivator Seat Cushion may be the only piece of medical equipment that comes close to reconciling a sedentary lifestyle with a proprietary effect. This product promotes static activity; that is, motion while you sit. Though this may sound like a contradiction, and even an oxymoron – such as ‘military intelligence’,– the fact is that the Backtivator produces constant movement at the same time as you’re sitting still. This way, you can remain active even if you are forced to be seated for extended periods of time. And in good theory, even if you’re not forced but choose to remain seated for stretches at a time; for instance, during an all-night session of Halo.


·         Promotes Static Activity.

·         Helps alleviate back pain.

·         Promotes a healthy spine.

·         Ideal for use at home, office, and in cars and planes.

·         Lightweight.


This medical equipment item basically allows you to move without actually going anywhere – just like Shaquille O’Neal’s acting career, only with much better results. More specifically, the Backtivator helps relieve back pain, stiffness, fatigue, and disc pressure; prevent static load of the spine; improve circulation to back muscles, postural stability, functional balance, and health spine; and support the natural curvature of the spine. Moreover, it stimulates reflexes, tones abdominal muscles, activate back muscles, and improves posture. And the best part is that in addition to addressing existing problems, you can also use it even if you’re healthy in order to prevent those same problems from appearing in the first place.


The only possible drawback that can come to mind that users may become much too reliant on this product and forget to do actually get up off their seats and do some for real exercise. Other than that, the Backtivator does compel the body to make certain subtle posture corrections, so it’s not like the seat cushion does absolutely all of the work.


The Backtivator is easy to use with three simple steps:

1.       Remove the package and pull the Backtivator out.

2.       Open the seat cushion with labels up.

3.       Place the Backtivator on chair, car seat, etc., and sit down.

And remember that even though this piece of medical equipment may be used both at work and at times of leisure, you should still go ahead and get some exercise in during your free time.

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