Bariatric medical supplies online: Heavy Duty Transfer Bench

When it comes to bariatric medical supplies online, the Heavy Duty Plastic Seat Transfer Bench is second to none – being able to support up to 500 lbs (the Big Show himself could sit on it).


·         The aluminum frame is lightweight, sturdy and corrosion-proof.

·         The backrest is reversible to accommodate any bathroom.

·         Durable blow-molded plastic bench and backrest.

·         Extra large locking suction cups.

·         Height adjusts in ½-inch increments.

·         Unique "Dual Column" extension legs.

·         Tool-free assembly.

·         Leaves no hardware exposed.


Regardless of its status as bariatric medical supplies online, this is the shower transfer bench to have. It is solid comfortable and fantastic suction cups on the legs. It literally goes together in a snap. With no nuts, screws or bolts, it is easy to assemble, very sturdy, and the most economical of all the Drive shower benches. Very strong product. It does not slip on the floor/tub. Height adjustment is excellent. Getting this heavy duty shower chair make things so much easier and safer. It takes about 20 minutes to assemble. Simple. It's far superior to available speciality drugstore chairs. All the legs (two have suction cups) are adjustable as well as the back so you get a perfect fit. No tools required, solid construction for most any big person out there. Plenty of footing protection to keep from scratching floors or the tub. It's really well made.


This bench is big and takes up a lot of tub/shower space – then again, it is a heavy duty item.


·         Remove the contents from package.

·         Lay the transfer bench upside down on a flat surface.

·         Connect leg with the large suction cup by depressing brass push pin and inserting into the receptacle.

·         Repeat for second leg.

·         These legs are introduced into the same side where the arm support will be.

·         Connect leg with small rubber tip by depressing the brass push pin and inserting into the receptacle.

·         Repeat for second leg.

·         To assemble backrest, introduce the pole into the backrest support and lock in place with attached locking collar.

·         Repeat for second pole.

·         Introduce the backrest into the base by sliding supports through both receptacles and locking in place with locking collars.

·         The backrest must go through both sets of receptacles to become secure.

·         Turn transfer bench right-side-up.

·         Affix the armrest by depressing the brass push pins and sliding into the arm receptacle on the side of the bench.

·         Make sure that the arm arcs outward instead of inward.

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