Bariatric Rollator w/ 7.5” Wheels, Padded Seat and Loop Locks

The Bariatric Rollator with 7.5” Wheels, Padded Seat, and Loop Locks is the perfect solution to improve daily mobility safely and conveniently.


·         Black 7.5-inch casters with soft-grip tires ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

·         Soft padded oversized seat.

·         Includes standard carry pouch under seat for extra privacy and security of personal items.

·         Tool-free removable padded backrest.

·         Special loop lock made with internal aluminum casting is easy to operate and ensures safety.

·         Handles easily adjustable in height with self-threading knob.

·         Heavy duty strength.

·         Durability.

·         500 pound weight capacity.

·         Extra wide between the handles for increase comfort.


 This is arguably the best rollator you may ever own. It feels super sturdy. It doesn't wiggle at all when you sit on it. The wheels roll well on most surfaces. While some have complained the seat might not be comfortable, they probably haven't spent much time on a variety of rollators. This one, while not a plush chair, is reasonably comfortable. The brakes feel super-strong and it should be a good long time before they need adjustment.


There are a couple of cons, but not enough to detract from an overall 5-star rating. The unit is pretty heavy, but this contributes, of course, to its stability. It also seems to have a somewhat wider turning radius due to the fact that it must be pushed forward several inches to get the front wheels enough momentum to turn.


Assembly tips

·         Remove all contents from carton, such as backrest, handle with tube, rollator frame and basket.

·         Open the frame and slide the padded backrest into the frame brackets making sure the snap buttons protrude through the holes.

·         Unscrew the tightening knob from the handle and insert the handle tube into the frame at the desired height lining up holes appropriately.

·         Slide the bolts through the holes from the inside and screw on tightening knob until secure.

Operating loop lock

·         Always engage and disengage the wheel locks on both sides at the same time.

·         To Slow Down/Come to a Temporary Stop – Pull up slowly on loop locks with 4 fingers until the unit slows down or comes to a temporary stop.

·         To Temporarily Lock Wheels in Position – Press down on both loop locks with palms until hearing a “click” that will tell you wheels are locked.

·         To Release Wheel Locks – Push up on both loop locks with the palms of the hand to original position.

Safety tips

·         Make sure Rollator is fully opened, seat is down and folding bar under seat is locked in the down position.

·         Be sure both knobs are fully tightened and at equal heights.

·         Test for stability before applying full weight to hand grips.

·         Test the loop locks before operating.

·         Always lock loop locks before sitting.

·         Do not use seat when on an incline or uneven ground.

·         Replace tires when significantly worn or damaged.

·         Do not push user while they are seated on the Rollator.

·         This is a mobility aid only and is not to be used as a means of transportation.