On Bended Knee: A Knee Brace for Every Occasion

Just like falling in love, arthritis and injuries can be hard on the knees. Fortunately, knee braces provide support and relief. Knee braces are available in several different presentations, made with a variety of materials, and of course different sizes as well. In addition to that, they also come with different price tags, and that’s something one really ought to consider, especially taking into account that a custom-made knee brace can cost up to $1,500. So why don’t we take a look at a few more affordable-yet-quality alternatives?

  • The CoreLign Knee Brace is a lightweight design that provides dependable support and stability for patients recovering from ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL injury or reconstruction. It has a dynamic system that yields extra control of tibial translation.
  • The Hinged Knee Brace by Invacare Supply Group is an open wrap knee brace that combines flexible application with strong support during post-surgical rehab. It comes with a ROM hinge that is very stable and at the same time it can be adjusted to limit extension at several different degree settings, as well as lateral hinges for added ligament support. The hinges are covered so that this brace can be worn even while practicing contact sports. Cool, breathable and warm.
  • The Powercentric Knee Brace is a double-hinged brace recommended for mild-to-moderate ligament strains, sprains, meniscal injuries, medial and lateral coligament instabilities and tears, and hyperextension or chronic knee instability problems. This brace gives the knee full motion range while simultaneously preventing hyperextension. Strong and resistant as well as lightweight, this product combines comfort and protection.

  • The Rapid Knee Slip-On Brace is a convenient and comfortable knee brace that gives users the choice of locking the knee in a flexed or extended position, thanks to its double upright ROM hinges and locking joint.
  • The Body Sport Compression Airmesh Dual Pivot Hinged Knee Brace is helpful in accelerating the recovery process for sprained, strained, and hyperextended knees. Its unique airmesh material helps to improve dryness and comfort, and its gel pad conforms securely to the patella to prevent displacement.
  • The Hinged Knee Brace by Professional Care Products consists of a neoprene wraparound design with a posterior strap that makes it easy to put and adjust from the very first time. Ideal for LCL and mild MCL sprains, post arthroscopic menisectomy, mild arthritis or mild global instabilities.
  • The Core Front Closure Knee Brace with Hinge is another neoprene model that comfortably supports sprains, strains, edema, postsurgical effusion, meniscus injuries, patellar dislocation and mild osteoarthritis. This product is open-backed to avoid bunching, and has demountable aluminum hinges and removable buttress pad.
  • The Body Sport Neoprene Knee Brace with Removable Stays preserves body heat and provides stabilization with steady and comfortable compression. Its removable stays enable patients to wear this brace during the healing process without having their movements restricted. Indicated for stiffness, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis and minor sprains. It can be washed, dried, and reused.
  • The Core X Back Elastic Knee Brace is made with cotton and designed with a criss-cross pattern that alleviates stiffness and pain related to edema and post-operatory effusion. Remains supportive, elastic and cool during sports, work, or leisure.
  • The Universal Size Open Patella Knee Brace is a comfortable and supportive open patella brace featuring three closures that make it very simple to put on and take off. Manufactured with neoprene and nylon.

These models range in price from about $300 to under $10, depending on brand, materials, application, and special features. However, they all have the best price for their respective characteristics, and all have in common a high level of quality and performance.