Better than Wall-E: The Emergency Wall Communicator

The Emergency Wall CommunicatorThe Emergency Wall Communicator is an ideal alternative to create a safe home environment. Install this product to make sure that help is on the way after pushing a single button in case of an emergency. There is no limit to the number of emergency wall communicators that you can distribute throughout your house so that you can be properly covered regardless of your location within your residence.


·         Employs revolutionary two-way voice communication technology.

·         Just push the HELP button to connect to family, friends, emergency 911 or your central station.

·         A combination of up to 4 wall communicators and/or pendants can be programmed to one base station.

·         Water-proof so it can be installed near the bathtub or shower.

·         Permanently mount with screws or double-sided tape.

·         Perfect for mounting next to the bed, in the bathroom or at the bottom of the stairs.

·         Protect yourself in the event of a fall even when you take your pendant off­.

·         Simple step-by-step instructions for programming to the base unit.


Users who have reviewed the Emergency Wall Communicator on Amazon say things like “This is perfect for my mother. We put it on the wall near her bathtub so if she falls in the tub she has easy access to it. We really like the fact there is no monthly fee to this system since we can program our numbers in it & also 911 if we choose. We also purchased the main device this works with. She now wears the device on her wrist since she fell in her bedroom prior to getting the device;” “Works great and relieves some worry. We attached them low on the wall near the base of my father’s stairs. He hasn't had to use them, thank goodness, but they have worked every time we tested them. We've been using them for about a year and the batteries are still good. Now, if we could only convince him to carry a pendant;” and “Unit appears to be well made - Better than one might expect. It has worked perfectly so far. Pairing it with the base unit was very easy.”


On the other hand, someone thought that “The red button also does not give good tactical feedback. It’s hard to know when the button has been depressed far enough and for a long enough time in order to active an alarm condition. The button should have a defined snap to it when depressed.”


More than 80% of falls take place in the bathroom or bedroom, so we’re going to go ahead and recommend that you give those two locations priority when it comes to installing the Emergency Wall Communicator. That said, feel free to mount this product anywhere you deem it would be most useful. 

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