Is the Biofreeze 3-Oz. Roll-On Bottle worth a Purchase?

BiofreezeWe have written on this site plenty about the effectiveness of Biofreeze, but as of late we have noticed that the Biofreeze 3-Oz. Roll-On Bottle is now perhaps the most sought after presentation among the many options of Biofreeze. Plenty physicians and even patients are gravitating towards getting the Roll-on Bottle over the Spray and the Gel. We wanted to test it for ourselves and give you our exclusive review.

Product Features

Upon application you get the same cold soothing sensation that is now expected from Biofreeze. The very first thing that we noticed is that with this roll-on presentation we were able to easily cover the areas we wanted to be applied. The Biofreeze 3-Oz. Roll-On Bottle, eliminates having to get your “hands dirty” when applied Biofreeze to your skin. Not only that this presentation also reduces waste when being applied because it helps you spread a thin layer that is more than enough to treat pain.

What we like about this item

The Biofreeze 3-Oz. Roll-On Bottle has an advantage over the gel presentation and that is that it is by simple mechanics the ideal presentation for you to take it with you when you travel. It avoids spilling and is very secure to put on your luggage and/or handbag. Continuing with the comparison, according to Biofreeze’s website the gel presentation has more range of the areas that it can be applied to, and it is perfectably understandable, but the second best option is the Roll-On, because it is versatile enough to cover many important areas of the body. For example: The abs, Biceps, feet, forearm, hips, neck, shoulder, thighs, calves, glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and traps. And make no mistake about it, it has all the expected and great pain relieving results that we all have gotten to know and love from Biofreeze.

Is it worth a purchase?

Also worth mentioning about Biofreeze, it is greaseless and non-staining. It has a vanishing scent so you are able to use it at any time without having to worry of a thick smell that is common for muscle pain ointments. We must point out one factor about the Biofreeze 3-Oz. Roll-On Bottle and the other members of the Biofreeze family that is not medical related, but is a business philosophy that we applaud, and that is that all their products are not tested on animals. That is a statement we wholeheartedly commend and just makes us like Biofreeze a lot more. We recommend them greatly.

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