Body Sport Figure 8 Elastic Ankle Brace Review

The Body Sport Figure 8 Elastic Ankle Brace is a simple and easy to use form of ankle support that can be used whenever someone needs a bit of additional stabilizing assistance.

Product Features

This orthopedic support device includes the following features:

•    This ankle wrap is constructed of a three inch wide set of elasticized straps, made entirely without latex.
•    The design and fit of this ankle wrap makes it versatile, and the user can wear it on either ankle. It fits people of every size and both genders, and its versatility (combined with its inexpensive price) makes it a useful item to keep on hand in a sporting team’s first aid kit, or in an athlete’s personal locker or gym bag.
•    The sizing is adjustable, enabling each user to fasten the ankle brace so as to provide a snug and supportive fit.

What Buyers Like About the Product

Buyers enjoy these features of the orthopedic support:

•    The ankle brace is entirely comprised of elastic knit, without any contamination by latex, making it a rare and valuable find for those who suffer from latex allergies.
•    The brace is easy to put on. It is already configured in its figure eight design, and only needs the quick closures to be fastened before the wearer can be on their way.
•    The white fabric of the wrap is barely visible against the white athletic socks with which most people wear it. If a person does not wish to alert sports competitors to a potential weakness, or has other reasons for keeping an injury quiet, this wrap is highly discreet.
•    Because it is made entirely from fabric, this ankle brace can easily be laundered. The user can hand wash it in a sink with detergent or even run it through a gentle cycle in a washing machine. It is not recommended to use a clothes dryer, in order to preserve the elasticity of the fabric, but it is lightweight enough to dry quickly overnight, and can even be washed on a daily basis if the wearer so wishes.
•    The portion of the figure eight that wraps around the arch of the foot provides additional support that is appreciated by people with high arches.
•    This brace can be worn during exercise or sports events, or on an all day basis if a person needs ongoing support while recovering from an injury or a surgery.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Product

Some people worry that the white fabric of this ankle brace will soil or stain too easily, particularly if sweat stains were allowed to set in to the fabric. Regular washing of the item according to directions, however, can prevent stains from setting and allow it to stay clean.


The Body Sport Figure 8 Elastic Ankle Brace is as effective as it is inexpensive, and is a favorite for people who periodically or continually need added ankle support.