The BodyMed Cold Therapy Compression Wrap

compression wrapCold therapy is a popular natural, non-invasive way to treat with pain and injuries that can bring much wanted relief. Applying cold compressions is the preferred alternative by most physiotherapists, and among the most popular options we have the BodyMed Cold Compression Therapy Wrap product family. These multiple products are often highly recommended by professional therapists for their patients. In this occasion we will be looking into the Ankle wrap, as it is perhaps the most popular of the product line among our customers. Here is our exclusive review.

Product features

The BodyMed Cold Compression Therapy Wrap by BodyMed is an effective cryotherapy and compression therapy in one. Use to treat: athletic injuries, sprains and strains, arthritis, post-surgery pain, rehabilitation and inflammatory disorders. Self-controlled compression with inflating pump. Removable gel pack stays pliable throughout treatment. Only two hours of refrigeration needed, no need to hassle with ice and bandages. Use on right or left sides.

What we like about this product

The merge between cryotherapy and compression therapy all-in-one is definitely the main appeal that the BodyMed product line has among doctors and physical therapists. This item is very popular among athletes, and with good reason as this ankle wrap does provide the necessary support you want when you are nursing an injury on the ankles, it provides cold and holds it properly where you needed it to be. Also, we must point out that this wrap has the capability to mold to the patients anatomy perfectly and then be fully adjusted with its inflating pump, letting you secure and tighten it up as much as you need. This feature is also present on the other different product in the BodyMed Cold Therapy Compression wraps. Finally, we appreciate how by using this wrap, you do not need t worry about making a mess due to ice and bandages, this wrap takes the natural and simple method of applying ice and makes it even better.

Further Comments

It is important to mention that if you have experienced an injury on your ankle at any point that you should consult with a professional to properly assess the severity of the injury and determine the best treatment for it.


If you are an athlete or an active person, this is a must get, it is a very effective way to mitigate pain and help treat injuries that can occur at any point.  

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