Breast for Business: Manual Breast Pump with Handle

breast feedingWorld Breastfeeding Week is upon us, and what better way to handle your breast – feeding, that is – than with the Viverity Manual Breast Pump with Handle Assist? This is a small, comfortable, portable, easy to clean breast pump made with a silicone ergonomic handle that can be used with equal ease by either the right or left… hand.


·         Quiet.

·         Easy-to-Clean.

·         Safe.

·         BPA-Free Plastic.

·         Wide Ergonomic Handle.

·         Travel-Friendly.

·         Portable.

·         2 Adjustable Suction Levels.

·         2 Expression Speed Presets

-        Swift Expression: -150~-220mmHg(-20~-29.3kpa).

-        Natural Expression: -180~-250mmHg(-23.9~-33.3kpa).

·         Includes expression collection kit, bottle adapter kit, non-woven bag, spare parts, user manual, handle kit.


The Manual Breast Pump with Handle Assist allows you to switch between the swift expression and the natural expression settings.

·         Swift expression

Fast, shallow suction to match the pattern of hungry babies or babies who have just ‘latched-on’ whose patterns are fast and shallow to start the flow of mother’s milk.

·         Natural expression

Longer, deeper suction for when the mother’s milk begins to flow and the baby’s sucking and swallowing pattern changes accordingly.


Additionally, this product is ideal for modern moms who are always on the go to collect breast milk while they are away from their babies. It also helps to relieve engorgement when the baby’s feeding patterns change and to maintain milk supply if the mother has to temporarily stop breastfeeding.


Some mothers may have some reservations with regard to using breast pumps. But that has to do more with their concern about the physical bond between mother and baby – or lack thereof – than with whether these home care medical supplies are safe and effective (which they absolutely are). The fact remains though that pumping breast milk is often what’s best for both mother and infant – and thus is what’s breast for business.


In order to assist you in getting the hang of pumping and breastfeeding, we offer the following tips:


·         Relax with a warm, wet compress on the breasts.

·         Drink plenty of liquids.

·         Avoid distractions.

·         Massage the breasts with a light, circular motion to trigger the let-down reflex (the free flow of breast milk).

·         Secure a non-stressful environment.

·         As Cardinal Ximenez would suggest, sit in a comfy chair with lower back support (footstool optional).


·         Keep a supply of milk for planned events such as going out.

·         Also, keep a supply of milk for unplanned events such as power outages, medical treatment, or relief for tender nipples.