Brighten Up: Reviewing the Carex Therapy Lamp

Carex therapy lamp

If you are still feeling the Winter Blues, it is possible that you are suffering from the condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This type of depression tends to occur every year in the fall and or winter and it can linger for a while. As any other depression, SAD affects our sleeping patterns, mood, eating habits, among others.

Bright light therapy has been proven to be of help against this disorder. It has been proven to relieve circadian rhythm sleep disorders, jet lag, low energy levels and more.

One of the best ways to deal with the aforementioned Winter Blues is with the use of the popular Carex© Day Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp.


What it does

This lamp provides a glare-free white light of 10,000 LUX, the maximum recommended for bright light therapy. It can be adjusted to provide 7,000 LUX for daily tasks.

This lamp blocks 99.3% of UV, it projects the light downwards as therapy experts recommend. Using this lamp help fights the winter blues or SAD, helps regulate sleeping patterns and boosts low energy.

It comes with a solid, single pedestal stand, to use at a table, desk or shelf.


Our Impressions

The lamp itself is solid and a bit heavy (almost ten pounds); it has a sturdy feel compared to regular lamps.  Once the light is turned on the bright light is impressive and amazing. You actually feel it, and the light is not overbearing or unpleasant, quite the contrary. The overall design and engineering of the lamp are quite remarkable and convenient. Also it is incredibly easy to use.


Other Impressions

We’ve only used this lamp for a while and our first impressions were quite positive, but considering that this lamp and bright light therapy has more mid-term effects we gathered some feed back from real people who have purchased it. Here are some direct quotes.


  • Pierce from Seattle, WA: “It improved my mood, reduced my cravings for carbs. It is like my body thinks is always sunny!”


  • Sharon from Pawtucket, RI: “It cranks a ton of light! It is very visually appealing.”


  • Dr. Caimano from Oak Park, CA: “It is a versatile, drug free way to help treat depression, It can make a difference in just a few days.”


Is it Worth a Purchase?

The Short answer is yes, the Carex© Day Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp is a wonderful device and a very useful one. Using it 20 to 30 minutes each morning can produce results in a matter of days. It is very easy to use and it works for the vast majority of people with depression.