Bundle Review of Orthopedic Cervical Collars

Cervical CollarsConsidering that there are quite plenty of different Orthopedic Cervical Collars available to our customers in Discount Medical Supplies’ inventory we have decided to present a brief selection of some of the best and most in demand of these items. To keep you fully informed and educated about what are the different options that you can choose from, we have carefully selected some of the most popular items in this category and for each we have made a special, straight-to-the-point review of these items.


Scott Specialties CMO Economy Cervical Collar

This is one of our biggest sellers in the Orthopedic Cervical Collars section and not just because of the very affordable price it has, it is because it is a very effective and inexpensive way for caring for your neck. It features thick soft foam that is slightly contoured. It has a hook and loop closures to make it properly adjust to your neck. This product also includes a stockinettes and an extra sleeve. This cervical model is ideal to keep at hand for emergencies and other circumstances where immediate cervical support is required. Ideal for home settings.


Contoured Cervical Collar

Another option that is on the same price range and the option listed above is the Contoured Cervical Collar. It provides the same great protection without costing you extra. It is made from soft foam and it adapts to all shapes of necks. It does provide comfort and support when needed the most and even though it might be on the economy side of the spectrum, it is a great purchase that really does deliver on its promises of comfort and knee support. Ideal for home settings.


Invacare Cervical Collar

Taking it a bit step forward the Invacare Supply group have the Foam Cervical Hunter, this slightly contoured collar is also similar to the previously mentioned items, the main difference is that this one closes with a Velcro closure. Also, this collar provides a comfortable fit that adjusts just perfectly to the patient’s neck. Also, this collar comes in 5 different size options available. Ideal for home settings.


Medline Philadelphia Atlas Cervical Collars 2PC

Among more focused orthopedic Cervical Collars, this item in particular deserves to be highlighted.  It restricts cervical spine movements to promote patient recovery. Large trachea opening for quick access for pulse monitoring and emergency tracheotomies. Customizable two-piece design to provide additional stability and comfort. Rear panel provides ventilation to reduce heat and moisture. X-ray, CT, and MRI lucent. This device is ideal for professional settings, such as hospitals and clinics.


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