The CareTec IV: Pain management TENS and so much more!

In our list of best sellers it is a common thing to find the CareTec IV Unit among the list of products every month. Our customers seeking pain management tens units are often drawn to advanced options in Electrotherapy. Most of them tend to gravitate to this unit, because this device is capable of providing four separate electrotherapy modes: TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), Electronic Muscle Stimulation, Interferential Stimulation, and Russian Stimulation. This many treatment variables make this item versatile and very popular among patients and physicians. However is this item worth your hard earned money?

What are the product features?

·         Channel: Dual, isolated between channels.

·         4 modes and 14 programs.

·         4 TENS programs.

·         3 Russian Stim programs.

·         3 EMS programs.

·         4 IF programs.

·        Includes: carrying case, lead wires, 9-volt battery, AC adapter, manual and pack of self-adhesive reusable electrodes.

Why should you buy this unit?

This 4-in-1 unit is a top-seller because of its many features. The CareTec IV provides non-invasive pain management TENS therapy that sends electrical impulses into the nerves through the skin to block pain perception. The EMS mode helps treat muscular injuries. It is also widely used to prevent muscle atrophy when a patient has been operated on or has suffered a mayor injury that will not allow muscle mobility for a long period. Using the EMS mode will also assist in the re-education of muscles by activating muscle groups with passive contractions. The IF mode reduces inflammation effectively. Using the "sine" and the "square" alternating currents this unit is able to stimulate the sensory motor and also the pain fibers. The pain messages at spinal cord level are blocked as the large impulse fibers create an interference with their transmission. The Russian Stimulation is great for reducing muscle spasms and for strengthening muscles through medium frequencies. Patients can produce top muscle strength and not feel any discomfort from the current. 

Our overall Impressions

All these different modes work great in their own right. That says a lot of the capabilities of the CareTec IV unit. Just by performance alone is one of the best units in the market when it comes to Electrotherapy. But this device has plenty much to offer. This unit is conveniently sized so you can take it anywhere you like, it also comes with a hard plastic case to make it easy to transport. It has a 9V alkaline battery, but it also includes a A/C adapter to let you plug the machine to help save the battery life. Also it comes with 2 sets of lead wires and 4 40 x 40 mm adhesive electrodes.

Without a doubt, we have to side with the large population of satisfied customers that have purchased this pain management TENS units.


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