Carpal tunnel syndrome medical supplies online: Wrist Brace

Current Solutions Ambidextrous Wrist Brace carpal tunnel syndrome medical supplies online is a universal, cock-up wrist splint that provide compression and support on either right or left hand.


·         Two-sided nylon facing.

·         Durability and comfort.

·         Removable medical-grade splint.

·         Outstanding support.

·         One size fits most.

·         Contoured, removable aluminum palmer stay.

·         Adds stability without restricting circulation or mobility.


This Universal Wrist Brace helps alleviate pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. It is also an ideal wrist support for people with arthritis to improve wrist joint function, immobile the wrist and thumb, and reduce the intake of anti-inflammatory medications. Amazon users like this brace because “It fits well and does NOT pinch your skin between your thumb and your index finger as I have heard from other reviews and other braces. This is the brace to buy, at the right size, the correct firmness which relieves all pain and tingling to your hand and the price is not a lot of money unlike the other braces that I looked at and read about. The shipping was free also. Great all the way around. Would buy again;” also “Got it to hold my wrist straight and it works great, I wore it all day and was so comfortable I forgot I was wearing it and my wrist feels great.”


Others counter by saying that “I'd consider this a small/medium size. The metal splint is slightly too long for the brace and is ripping the Velcro meant to hold it in place.” That same user, though, concedes that it “does help with pain while working on a computer.” Yet another added that “One size didn't fit all. Way too small for his wrist so not helpful for a large male.” That is precisely the reason that in this review we include in the product’s features the phrase “one size fits most” so that there is no confusion.


This product is recommended for people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. And to this people we also recommend that they consult their doctors before they purchase and use the Current Solutions Ambidextrous Wrist Brace. On the other hand, if your doctor has prescribed a wrist brace for you, you can find here at Discount Medical Supplies – as well as many other orthopedic products at the lowest guaranteed prices.

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