Cheap Medical Supplies: Posture Pump Elliptical Back Rocker

Cheap medical supplies are even better when in addition to a low price they give you more than your money’s worth, as is the case of the Posture Pump Elliptical Back Rocker (Model 2000). This is a spinal health product – not a massage device – that can be used on a regular basis; many people use it before going to bed, but the time and place is fully up to you. Keep it close at hand or take it with you on the road; a few minutes’ use is enough to support the naturally-curved shape of the neck and back, help lubricate the joints, and promote a healthy posture.


·         Relieves back stiffness and discomfort.

·         Dual inflation mechanism gradually lifts, stretches and separates the joints.

·         Two angled air cells create multi-vectored force and promote disc and joint lubrication.

·         Built-in rocking mechanism allows users to exercise abdominal muscles while shaping and stretching the lower back.


The Posture Pump Elliptical Back Rocker can be used in several daily situations which can contribute to the stooped posture that many people believe is a normal part of aging. With this product, however, you literally don’t have to stoop to that level.

‘Computer neck’ forward head carriage

The most frequent cause of neck/upper back fatigue and tension.

Driving stress

Low and mid back and neck tension and stiffness.

Forward-flexed neck positions

The natural curve of the neck is forced out thus promoting an unhealthy posture.

Side-flexed neck positions

Stiffness and spasms.

Shoulder and upper back tension


‘Telephone neck’



At first, discomfort and soreness may be experienced as the natural shape of the neck and back is being reinforced. This is normal and expected and has nothing to do with whether these are cheap medical supplies. You may use Posture Pump sparingly during the first week in order to avoid discomfiture while you get used to it.


·         Read and follow the instructions carefully prior to use.

·         D o not use this product before consulting a doctor. Specific joint, nerve, disc, vascular and other conditions can become worse.

·         D o not use if you have implanted spinal hardware.

·         Do not use during pregnancy.

·         Do not use if you are injured.

·         Never inflate the unit to the point of pain.

·         Never cover up or block off the open ends of the hand pump.

·         Discontinue use and see your physician if pain results during treatment.

·         Use first on a bed or mattress if your back is sensitive or overly stiff. You may move on to a flat, firm surface one your flexibility has increased.

·         Keep out of the reach of children.

·         Posture pumps have been shown to provide disc expansion and spinal shaping. Use this product under the supervision of a licensed healthcare provider.

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