Cheap TENS units: The Deluxe TENS Unit product review

The words ‘deluxe’ and ‘cheap’ are seldom used together, but cheap TENS units like the Deluxe TENS Unit by Roscoe Medical are a reality.


·         Single mode analog TENS unit.

·         Easy to use.

·         Lightweight.

·         Portable.

·         Adjustable settings.

·         Dual Channel – Isolated between channels).

·         Waveform: Modified square wave with zero net DC component.

·         Pulse Width: 60-250 microseconds.

·         Pulse Frequency: 2- 150 Hz.

·         Pulse Amplitude: 0 - 80 mA each channel, adjustable (500 ohm load).

·         Maximum Charge: 20 µc per Pulse.

·         Power Source: 9V Battery or similar rechargeable cell.

·         Includes 2 Pair of Lead Wires, 4 Adhesive TENS Electrodes, 9V Battery, Carrying Case, Belt Clip, Instruction Manual.


The Deluxe TENS unit helps to relieve pain associated with back pain, sports injuries, and muscle pains. This product is fully portable and may be clipped to a belt, shirt pocket, bra, and other clothing. And as part of a line of cheap TENS units, it goes without saying that it has a very affordable price.


This device can affect the operation of demand-type cardiac pacemakers. Prolonged stimulation in the same area may cause skin irritation or electrode burn. An allergic reaction to tape or gel is possible.


Use this product under the supervision of a healthcare provider. Do not adjust the controls while operating a vehicle or machinery. Use only for the specific pain problem prescribed by your doctor. Turn the unit off when replacing the battery. Do not use on the eyelids or over the carotid sinus nerves or arteries, and laryngeal or pharyngeal muscles. Electrode placement that causes current to flow through the head is unadvised. And remember, when you think about cheap TENS units, do not think ‘inferior,’ or ‘low quality;’ think ‘competitive,’ ‘economical,’ and ‘reasonable.

Preparation for use

Check the battery



Prepare the skin

·         Confirm correct electrode placement as prescribed by your doctor.

·         Each site should be washed, rinsed, and dried.

Prepare the electrodes

·         Apply a thin layer of gel to the bottom of the electrode.

Attach the electrodes

·         Electrodes should be attached with adhesive tape.

·         Make sure all sides are well taped and the electrode is held firmly against the skin.

Electrode lead wires

·         Output plug into output receptacle.

·         Pin connectors into electrodes.


Insert pin into electrode socket

·         It may be more convenient to insert the pin connector before taping the electrode to the skin for some electrode locations.

Adjust the controls

·         Make sure that the amplitude controls for both channels are in the ‘off’ positions.

Connect lead wires to the device

·         Insert the receptacle end of the lead wire set into the channel output receptacle to be used.

Adjust pulse frequency

·         Turn the pulse frequency control to the setting recommended by your doctor.

Adjust pulse width

·         Turn the pulse width control to the setting recommended by your doctor.

Adjust output

·         Turn the amplitude control dial for channel 1 or 2 clockwise.

·         The indicator will light up while the device is in operation.

·         Slowly turn the channel control clockwise until reaching the setting recommended by your doctor.

·         Repeat for the other channel if necessary.


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