Too cool for repellent? Not with this medical supply online

“I was too cool for bug spray,” writes Krystal Alexander in the Chicago Tribune. “Now I have Zika.” If she’d only used a medical supply online such as BullFrog Mosquito Coast Sunscreen with Insect Repellent, she could have protected herself against insect bites without fear of losing coolness points. This product is edgy, it's ‘in your face.’ You've heard the expression ‘let's get busy’? Well, this is an insect repellent that gets ‘biz-zay!’ Consistently and thoroughly. Alexander works at the American Council on Science and Health, “where we have been way ahead of most media on reporting about Zika.” Well, sometimes you just can’t see the forest for the trees.

You might recognize some of the excuses Alexander came up with; perhaps you have used them yourself. For example, “no need for this smelly bug spray;” “I lived here for years and never got chikungunya, why would I get Zika?” or “it's not like I'm planning to have a baby any time soon.” To be honest, my mother used that last one shortly after giving birth to me, though now that I think about it back then Zika wasn’t the buzzword it is now. And it is the only buzzword worthy of that term, because mosquitoes – which brings back full circle to the subject of insect repellent available at a medical supply online store like Discount Medical Supplies.

As Mrs. Alexander tells us, “because I once lived (in Jamaica), I still consider myself a local when I visit.” And who could blame her? I hear that’s what happened to T.E. Lawrence in Arabia. “Like some local people, I didn't use mosquito repellent,” she adds. She soon developed the symptoms of the mosquito-borne virus, such as headache, soreness, fever – which by the way can be managed with acetaminophen. Her next mistake was that she “diagnosed” herself with Zika. She was right, but you always consult your healthcare provider first.

More often than not, Zika is a mild viral infection, though it has been associated with an autoimmune disease called Guillain–Barré syndrome. Furthermore, in women who are pregnant or who plan to get pregnant Zika puts their unborn babies at risk of birth defects like microcephaly. Finally, it is believed that the virus can be transmitted sexually from a man to a woman. From which we can conclude that insect repellent is not in fact the only protection against Zika; there is also this.

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