Curity Non-Adhering Oil Emulsion Dressing

Wound care can be an arduous task for even the most experienced caregiver, and with a market filled with diverse options it is normal that one might find it difficult selecting the best possible option. The Curity Non-Adhering Oil Emulsion Dressing is currently one of the most popular options available in our online store among caregivers and medical staff. If you are still not familiar with this product, we now bring you an exclusive hands-on review, to give you a more detailed look into this popular item.

Product Features

·         Allows free drainage of exudates away from wound.

·         Will not shred or unravel when trimmed to size.

·         Highly absorbent, fine-mesh gauze.

·         Durable construction.

·         Reduces pain and trauma during dressing changes

·         Ideal for donor sites, delicate suture lines, graft sites and draining wounds.

The Curity Non-Adhering Oil Emulsion Dressing can be employed in almost every part of the body, which is for starters a great feature. Being a Non-adhesive dressing helps an exudating wound to heal properly. It is important for the dressing to not adhere to the sensible skin and tissue. This dressing contains an oil emulsion blend impregnated into an open mesh, knitted fabric dressing. It has been designed to allow free drainage of exudate away from wound.

What makes it so popular?

Besides having a great cost effective price, both in unit and in wholesale prices, the Curity Non-Adhering Oil Emulsion Dressing is light, comfortable and it provides a healthy environment for wounds to properly heal. The fact that it doesn’t adhere to the skin, allows for a safer healing environment and thus speeding up the process. Another feature that can be considered as a plus is how easy is for the patient to get accustomed to it. Also, it should be noted that the way it is packed allows for the dressing to be used immediately, making it very convenient and one of the preferred gauzes used by hospitals and doctors. You can expect to find it on may first aid kits all over the world.

Further comments

Placing gauze dressing and securing it requires on a wound, at the very least, some previous knowledge on wound care. This is information easy to access and can be instructed by a physician. Not placing the gauze properly or securing it adequately could lead for it to fall and exposure to infection.

Is it worth a purchase?

With the Curity Non-Adhering Oil Emulsion Dressing you can be sure of the quality of your purchase. Amongst the many different kinds of dressings available in our catalogue, this is one of our top sellers and for good reason. Caregivers and physicians who have purchased it, always come back for more and, in a sense, that’s perhaps the best compliment we can give this product. If you are purchasing it for large use, we advise that you get it at our low wholesale price for larger quantities.


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