Diabetes medical supplies online: True2Go Blood Glucose Meter

The True2Go Blood Glucose Monitor is among the smallest diabetes medical supplies online there are, making it ideal for people who would like to keep tabs on the blood sugar levels while on the go – especially as we approach American Diabetes Month.


·         No coding required.

·         Glucose control detection.

·         Hematocrit range – 20-60%.

·         Easy-to-read display.

·         Strip release button.

·         Alternate site testing.

·         Automatic on/off.


Many people have satisfactorily used this product, such as Amazon user B. Barrett who “thought it would be difficult to use, but it was simple. It clearly showed whether there was an error, showed the levels in large numbers and worked well. It even provided a booklet with general info on blood sugar, usual ranges before and after meals, and places to record the data. It would be great for someone just diagnosed with diabetes or for someone like me, just looking to keep an eye on your levels. One of the great things is that the monitor and the container of strips can be attached to each other which seems good for consistent use, but there is also a little wallet-like case for all of the parts to go into. Great to fit into a purse and not have to worry about losing anything.”


Conversely, another user said that “several times I compared it to two TrueTrack meters I've been using. The True2Go meter read 30 to 40 percent lower each time, while the other two meters (code required) were within a few points of each other.” Even though this user claims that “blood glucose results were off enough to be scary,” they even admit that it is a “great concept, nice product.” For what it’s worth, Discount Medical Supplies has TrueTrack medical supplies online available as well.


Testing blood glucose

1.       Check dates on test strip vial being used. Do not use if either 4 months after opening or after date printed next to EXP on label.

2.       Wash hands (or forearm for alternate site testing). Rinse and dry thoroughly.

3.       Remove one strip from vial and close vial immediately.

4.       With meter off, insert test strip contact end into test port to turn meter on. Keep strip in meter until testing is finished.

5.       Wait until drop symbol appears in display.

6.       Lance fingertip or forearm. Allow drop to form. Lift up to open press down to close.

7.       With test strip in meter, touch edge of sample tip to blood drop and allow blood to be drawn into strip.  Remove test strip sample tip from sample drop immediately after dashes appear across the meter display to show that the meter is testing.

8.       Remove strip from drop.

9.       After the test is finished, the result is displayed. Record result in log book.

10.   Hold meter with strip pointing down. Press strip release button to discard strip in the appropriate container. The meter turns off and the result is stored in memory.

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