The Digital Ultima Five TENS unit

Ultima FiveWhen you are beginning to experiment with Electrotherapy it is recommended that you start with a simple and easy to use unit. The Digital Ultima Five TENS unit is a great entry point that many physicians recommend their patients that they venture with. Given that many patients constantly are asking about this particular item in our online store, we present you with our exclusive closer look and review of this very popular item.

Product Features

The Digital Ultima Five TENS is a device with two channels and five modes that has been designed to provide high quality electrotherapy. Complete with two wave forms and a large LCD screen display, this is one of the top selling TENS units because of its outstanding functionality. It also comes with a new-age digital style peppered with a bit of traditional appearance. It includes a soft carrying case, lead wires, electrodes, battery, and instruction booklet. It uses AA alkaline batteries (included with the item). This TENS device is remarkable for its function, and traditional looks mixed with new-age digital style.

What we like about this item

For a beginners TENS unit, the Digital Ultima Five TENS has everything that you might possibly want. It is an excellent entry-level unit to the world of TENS therapy. It is simple to use and very effective. It can be used to treat back pain, menstrual pain, labor pain, peripheral nerve injuries, shingles, migraine, sports injuries, sciatica, aching joints, muscular pain, whiplash and many other conditions. It is an economic unit that for its price it has an enormous capability that can help treat all sorts of conditions properly. It works with AA batteries, making it very easy to get replacements.

Additional comments

Some customers keep and use this item reliably and continuously with no problem whatsoever. It performs excellently and it does give the required treatment that you will expect on any TENS unit. However, it must be said that before using this unit we recommend that carefully read the instructions manual that is included with this device.

Is it worth a purchase?

The Digital Ultima Five TENS unit might just be the single best option for beginners in this field. It is very simple and easy to use and it performs excellently. IF you are on the market for a more professional unit there are many other options available for you, but that doesn’t mean that the you will not be satisfied with this unit.

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