Discount Medical Supplies Online: Pedlar Pro Pedal Exerciser

When you buy the Pedlar Pro Pedal Exerciser at Discount Medical Supplies online, you get a portable exerciser that doesn’t geographically take you anywhere but which you can take with you anywhere you go to ensure that you can work out at home or on a trip – even if you can’t utilize conventional exercise bikes or treadmills, or have limited space.


·         Innovative Fits-Rite pedal utilizes Velcro straps for a secure, comfortable fit.

·         Quick hinge assembly allows the unit to collapse for ease of transportation and storage.

·         Arrives fully assembled, with adjustable tension, a wide base for stability, and durable, heavy-duty construction.


Let’s have a look at what people who have reviewed this product on Amazon like about it. “The Pedlar Pro Pedal Exerciser seems to be exactly what my husband, who has myotonic dystrophy, needs to help him continue to exercise his legs now that he cannot climb onto an exercise bike,” A. Carter wrote. “The adjustable height is a very helpful feature because he has difficulty lifting his legs very high. And the Velcro foot straps on the pedals are indispensable! The Velcro straps allow us to position his feet on the pedals and then easily Velcro them it place. There seems to be no other pedal exercisers that include the Velcro straps. This exerciser also folds flat for easy transport. I would highly recommend spending the extra dollars on this pedal exerciser.” Another user wrote that it “works really well. Not noisy. Comfortable to use. I really like that I can adjust the angle of the peddles (sic) and that I can fold it up and tuck it away after use. I highly recommend this for someone who wants gentle but effective exercise for their knees.”


One thing that prospective Discount Medical Supplies online users should keep in mind is that the area near the knob on the Pedlar Pro can get very warm/extremely hot after some 10 to 30 minutes of use. As one Amazon reviewer said, “I touched it inadvertently and burned my fingertips as if I held a frying pan.” This is a not a source of concern, though; friction causes the heat, so it’s just a matter of being careful when handling the product.


The Pro Pedal Exerciser is recommended for patients who are recovering from hip, knee or shoulder surgery in order to regain flexibility, range of motion and muscle tone.

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