Doctors’ Choice: BodyMed® 2 Channel Digital TENS Unit

Doctors Choice

The BodyMed® 2 Channel Digital TENS Unit is a top-notch pain management device in its own right. For you as a doctor, however, this machine may not be a top priority, especially if your customer base favors the TENS 3000 or TENS 7000. Perhaps you have promoted this preference yourself. If so, you may want to get behind this Dual Channel Unit too, and start recommending it to and prescribing it for your patients. We know demand for the TENS 3000 and 7000 will always be booming, no matter what. But what if for any reason the supply falls a bit short than expected? That’s when having a third alternative pays off.


  • Flip top cap over the amplitude adjustment knobs prevents accidental changes.
  • Five treatment modes.
  • Protective side strips.
  • Large LCD screen.
  • Easy-to-operate.
  • Simple directions for use inside the cover.
  • Patient compliance meter with capacity for up to 999 hours.
  • Remembers last used settings.
  • Easy-to-open swing cover.
  • Unbreakable, stainless steel belt clip.
  • Treatment time countdown.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Includes hard-sided, protective, plastic case.
  • Uses standard lead wires and pigtail-style electrodes.
  • Comes with two lead wires, one pack (4) of electrodes, manual, and 9-volt battery.


This product has the same stimulation modes as the TENS 7000, so that if you and/or your patients are familiar with the latter, the former should present no problem. Likewise, if you have ever used a TENS 7000 in your practice, you can rest assured – and assure your patients – that treatment will go as usual. If they have experienced relief with one TENS unit, they will certainly do so as well with another, especially if it has all the features and benefits of the one they are accustomed to.


The price of the BodyMed® 2 Channel Digital TENS Unit may pose an issue, but only in the sense that it is different. That is, you would not pay the exact same for it as for a TENS 7000, but the difference is inconsequential. The TENS 3000 is the more affordable of the three, but it has fewer modes and lacks other features as well – and like the TENS 700o it may be lacking itself, as mentioned above.


Rather than looking outside electrotherapy for pain relief, we recommend that you give the BodyMed® 2 Channel Digital TENS Unit an opportunity. As far as TENS devices go it isn’t big of a stretch to make the switch from the TENS 7000, and your patients will be grateful.


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