Double Post Instrument Stand in the place where you work

Double-Post-Instrument-Stand-in-the-place-where-you-workThe Double Post Mayo Instrument Stand is designed to offer extra support when doctors need it the most; when they are performing a surgical procedure. This instrument stand is adjustable, but regardless of the height that it sits it will support a removable stainless steel tray measuring a spacious 19 x 12 5/8 inches. Moreover, two hooded casters supply added mobility.


·         Adjustable height from 34" to 54.5".

·         Two hooded casters.

·         Double post provides added support for use in surgical procedures.

·         Includes base, upright frame, tray frame, two rods, and S/S tray.

·         Removable stainless steel tray measures 19" x 12 5/8".

·         Base (Depth): 19".

·         Base (Width): 21".

·         Height: 34"-54.5".

·         Table/Tray (Depth): 12.6".

·         Table/Tray (Width): 19".

·         Product Dimensions: 21.00"(L) x 19.00"(W) x 32.50"(H).

·         Weight: 15.6 lbs.


Amazon users who like this product say that it is “the perfect stand for my needs. Very well made, fast shipping.  Most satisfied.” In addition to that, it is “very easy to put together. Sturdy stand. I bought it for my new acupuncture clinic and it will work out just fine. Wide base makes it very stable but it’s real easy to move around as I move it from room to room on occasion. Good for the price.” Finally, they add that “this is extremely heavy duty and well built. Was really shocked at how sturdy it was.”


On the other hand, one of the customers felt that “the connection piece that secures the top tray arm to the vertical arm is this funky odd thing that just kinda slides in and falls into the vertical pipe. So basically, I can't attach the top piece to the vertical piece, and if I could, it is some funky contraption that is a loose fit and it would be unstable and shake and roll around.” However, he we can safely chalk that up to that specific person’s inability to properly put the Double Post Mayo Instrument Stand together.


 We recommend doctors who purchase this instrument stand to follow instructions, which basically come down to the following 4 easy steps:

  1. Snap based and upright frame together.
  2. Screw the rods into tray frame.
  3. Insert tray frame into the completed base and stand up assembly.
  4. Place tray on top of the stand.

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