Drive Medical Aluminum Round Handle Cane with Foam Grip

 If you want to be like an Englishman in New York with a walking stick there at your side, why not try the Aluminum Round Handle Cane with Foam Grip? This product is designed to reduce stress and fatigue for a more comfortable experience.


·         Easy-to-use.

·         Single-button height adjustment with locking ring.

·         Handle height adjusts from 29" to 38" without tools.

·         Locking ring prevents rattling.

·         Sturdy, extruded, anodized aluminum tubing.

·         Weight capacity: 300 lbs.


Most people reviewing the Drive Medical Aluminum Round Handle Cane with Foam Grip on Amazon agree that it “provides excellent support with easy grip cushioned "crook" handle and light weight aluminum shaft with easy adjustment for height;” has “good quality at excellent price. Strong sturdy well made product;” and is “really nice and adjustable.”


Of course, not everybody agrees. The lone contrarian voice says that “the handle was too thick for a 120#, 5'4" woman. I appreciate the product availability and price however.” So even she had something good to say about this item.


General warnings

·         Do not use this cane without first reading and understanding the instructions presumably included with the product.

·         If you are unable to understand the Warnings, Cautions or Instructions, talk to a doctor, dealer or technical personnel before trying to use this product, lest injury may occur.

·         Check the rubber tip for rips, tears, cracks or wear.

·         If any of these conditions exist, replace the rubber tip at once.

·         Drive Medical canes can provide ambulatory assistance for an individual weighing up to 300lbs.

·         This cane is designed to provide support, improved stability and assistance when walking; it isn’t meant to support the total weight of the user.

·         Make sure the snap button fully protrudes through the adjustment hole of the cane. This ensures the cane is securely locked in position.

·         Ensure that the cane is securely locked in place before using it or a fall could result in bodily injury and/or damage to the cane.

·         Always talk to your doctor or physical therapist to determine how to properly adjust and use this product.

Proper cane height

1.       Make sure that shoe height is the same as the shoe style worn when using the cane.

2.       Stand up as upright as possible on a firm, flat surface and allow your arm to hang down naturally by your side.

3.       Adjust the cane so that the top portion of the handle touches the inside of your wrist where it meets the palm.

Height adjustment

1.       Turn the anti-rattle collar counterclockwise to loosen.

2.       Press in the snap button.

3.       Slide the extension up or down until the snap button protrudes through an adjustment hole on the handle end of the cane.

4.       Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the cane is at proper cane height as indicated above.

5.       Turn clockwise to tighten the lock knob.

6.       You will hear an audible ‘click’ when the snap button securely protrudes through the adjustment hole.

Maintenance and care

·         Make sure the snap button releases and re-engages properly.

·         Check the tip of the cane for wear or damage.

·         Replace any broken, damage, or worn parts immediately.


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