The Drive Medical Delta Ultra Light Full Electric Bed

The Drive Medical Delta Ultra Light Full Electric BedThe Drive Medical Delta Ultra Light Full Electric Bed with Full Rails has a pre-installed motor near the foot section that allows both patients and caregivers to adjust height from standard to low. What’s more, the caregiver can assemble – or disassemble for that matter – the motor even with the patient in the bed. Moreover, the featured caster moves easily this 450-pound capacity bed – kind of like King Kong sliding on ice in Peter Jackson’s remake. This bed may be lightweight, but it is also durable and impact-resistant.


·         Bed (Height): 9.5-20 inches.

·         Overall Length: 88 inches.

·         Overall Width: 36 inches.

·         Product Dimensions: 45 x 37 x 11 inches.

·         Product Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.

·         Pre-installed motor.

·         Channel frame construction.

·         Foot sections weights 50% less that regular foot sections.

·         Headboard taller than footboard.

·         Labels and color-coded springs.

·         New and improved hand pendant.

·         High/low shaft remains with the bed after installation.

·         Motor assembly can be installed and removed with patient in bed.

·         Transition box mounted on foot section.

·         Hand crank on top of the footboard.

·         Includes full rails.

·         Washable end panels.

·         Caster moves from standard to low position.

·         Easy set-up.


The Delta Ultra Light Full Electric Bed offers superior strength and decreased weight, safe and easy deliveries, a better fit for home décor, accurate installation of side rails for patient safety, large and easy-to-use controls, fully interchangeable head and footboards with Drive Medical’s and most manufacturers’ bed ends – old and new –, UL-approved motor, break- and scratch-proof wood grain panels, self-contained motor that reduces weight and noise, and a zinc-coated spring deck. Additionally, the transition box allows changing the rotation of the high/low shaft, while the hand crank prevents the caregiver from bending when in the low position.


This product is susceptible to power failure, but it does include a 9v battery in the motor that can lower the head and foot nine times for just such an occasion.


Makes sure that all of the following components are included:

·         Foot spring.

·         Head spring.

·         Head board.

·         Foot board.

·         High/Low shaft.

·         Locking pins.

·         Motor.

·         Hand crank.

·         2 locking casters.

·         2 non-locking casters.

·         2 Spring clips.

·         Hand pendant.

·         Full electric motor.

·         Motor transport straps.


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