Drive Medical Handheld Shower Head Spray with Diverter Valve

The Drive Medical Handheld Shower Head Spray with Diverter Valve has been designed to provide users with a relaxing showering experience. The diverter valve allows the user to switch water flow from the regular shower head to the handheld shower spray by simply flicking a switch.


·         On/off switch built into handle for easy access.

·         Wall holder and extra-long 80" white reinforced nylon hose for added convenience.

·         Comes with diverter valve that allows either the regular shower head to operate or be used as a handheld shower spray.


According to Amazon users, the Handheld Shower Head Spray with Diverter Valve is a “great showerhead. Works great. Have bought extras so I will not be without later on. Works great and provides a strong steam of water;” “as advertised. Hose is long enough for any use. Spray is excellent. This works exactly as we hoped it would;” “great product and best price. Perfect for my 94 year old mother;” “Great hand held shower. Long hose. Still allows use of regular shower head. Good on/off switches at shower head and on hand held unit. Comes with sturdy wall holder but must screw in which risks water damage. We bought a suction cup wall holder instead. Perfect for my elderly father.” As we’ll see below, even people who take issue with this item agree that at the very least it does what it is supposed to do.


Conversely, others add that “this shower spray is OK but only just. Two major faults. 1. The hose is quite rigid and does not hang well. A better hose would be more flexible and heavier such as the type that is rubber with a spiral metal exterior. 2. The hose does not fit the bracket snugly and, unless jammed into place which will surely cause failure over time, tends to fall off the bracket spontaneously. The bracket is also designed to be screwed to the shower wall, which is not a good idea since anything penetrating a wet surface will likely cause leakage. A better solution would be to have the bracket designed so that it can be adhered to the wall with an epoxy or similar adhesive;” and that “the shower arm does what it was made to do. The only problem I have with the shower arm is the method you must use to hang it when not in use. You are instructed to drill holes in your ceramic tile wall to install the hangar. This is unacceptable and if I had known of that problem I would not have purchased the item. However in every other respect, it performs satisfactorily.”


We would recommend the Drive Medical Handheld Shower Head Spray with Diverter Valve for when a shower chair, bench or stool is being used.

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