Drive Medical Pure Oxygen Concentrator Product Review

The Drive Medical Pure Oxygen Concentrator will keep your patients happy, as well as referral sources and delivery technicians.


·         User-friendly interface.

·         Easy to view and operate power switch.

·         LED indicator lights.

·         Flow selector.

·         Simple humidifier bottle connection within the compact, sleek, inconspicuous design.

·         Superior mobility.

·         Top handle.

·         Easy roll casters.

·         Minimal weight.

·         Simple single door access to both the foam and the HEPA filter.

·         Exhaust system design directs airflow away from the user and reduces noise.


This product features ease of use and maintenance, it’s easy to transport, and has been tested to be in compliance with the EMC limits specified in IEC/ EN 60601-1-2.


Oxygen therapy can be dangerous under certain circumstances, which is something you might want to discuss with your patients.


We recommend that you prescribe this oxygen concentrator for patients who are not getting enough oxygen from room air alone. An alternate source of oxygen should be available for immediate use for those individuals whom you have determined interruption in oxygen therapy may have serious consequences. Other recommendations include the following:

·         Do not place in a small closed space such as a closet.

·         Do not smoke or allow others to smoke in the vicinity of the concentrator.

·         Do not use oil or grease on the concentrator or its components.

·         Do not use if the power cord is damaged.

·         Do not use extension cords or electrical adapters with the concentrator.

·         Do not clean the concentrator while it is plugged into an electrical outlet.

·         Do not place liquids on the concentrator.

Be so kind to remind your patients about these and other warnings and precautions even if they are listed – alongside a few more – in the owner’s manual.

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